Man injured on Peter Pan's Flight


I feel so bad for this man and his family. As he was trying to board Peter Pan’s Flight something went wrong and he fell and was hit by the next vehicle. I hope he’s ok and can enjoy more of his vacation.

Here is the full story:,0,1591118.story?coll=orl-news-headlines


You have to be very careful on those moving sidewalks.


These moving conyeor belt rides, like PPF, Buzz and HM sort of scare me!!! I know it’s perfectly easy to walk and board…but I have often seen mothers and fathers practically pulling their kids arms out of their sockets to try and get them in the car before it leaves…


wow that’s crazy! I hope he’s o.k, I can’t imagine how that could have happened.


Those things scare me too. I always watch everyone loose their balance on HM. I understand the ‘ease’ behind them… but some people don’t have very good balance to begin with… I hope this guy ends up OK.


I worry about my DFIL each trip we take. Those dark moving sidewalks are really hard for him, his vision isn’t the best and in the dark it’s hard for him to get on and off some rides. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.


Well, at least the injuries weren’t serious…


I knew about the Evac, but hadn’t heard why, I hope he’s ok.


I have found the moving sidewalk on Space Ship Earth a little disorienting! It’s weird to try to hold DD’s hand (she was 2 1/2 and 5 last 2 trips) and try to keep MY balance while getting on and off the ride. You’re right I’m also surprised this doesn’t happen more often. I feel so bad for the man and his family. It must’ve been horrifying for his grandaughter to see!!


Wow, scary story. My mom hates the moving sidewalks - they make her very, very nervous. I think the one that bothers her the most is at the loading area of Kali River Rapids.


We saw a young girl who wanted to get back on the ride almost get knocked down on the moving sidewalk on Peter Pan. He grandfather just barely got her up before she ran into the barrier between the loading and unloading zones. They can be scary, expecially with young children. I hope he is alright. Honestly, you do not expect things to happen on rides like these.


They make me nervous to! I always get kinda off balanced on them.


Are you sure it wasn’t a little boy that you saw in 1999?? My son did the exact same thing when he was 5 & me & my dad had to grab him. The CM on duty was VERY quick to shut down the ride though and all was ok…just a little embarrassing. :blush:


Heehee! Well, thanks for reliving the embarrassment for us! :tongue:


I’ve seen somebody fall getting onto HM before… They didn’t get hurt though…


Fortunately for you, no. It was either May or Sept. 2005. And the CM in this case seemed to make NO move to stop the ride. I think she could not believe what was happening. Everyone in line was very nervous after that.


that’s too bad :c( I hope he’s ok. Poor guy.


We were so impressed by the quick reaction of the CM and that they would actually shut down a ride so quickly…too bad the CM mentioned above was not quick on the shutdown button. Things can go so wrong so quickly!


oh my…I hope he is ok and not too traumatised! I myself, always have problems on the Haunted Mansion. Moving walkway + darkness = Ariel on her tushie nearly every time! Won’t stop me riding it though :laugh:


I always get hit on the back of the head on Peter Pan at the very end when you come in for a landing and it jolts you. Pete has taken to putting his hand behind my head, in front of the sail, so I won’t knock myself out.