Mandarin Oriental in DC


So, we are looking at using DVC points to stay at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC next summer.

Has anyone ever stayed there? We have 3 small children, and frankly, the website makes it look not kid-friendly at all. It looks much more business-class-oriented, and we are second-guessing whether or not to book there. We don’t want to book and then find out it’s not that great, and lose our booking fee.

Anyone have any feedback on this hotel? Anyone local to there who has had experience, or any DVC people stayed there?

Thanks, everyone.


Did you look to see if the Loew’s Annapolis is included in our DVC exchange list? It’s a much less bougie hotel, GORGEOUS, and more family comfortable. Annapolis Luxury Hotels & Annapolis Hotel Reservations | Loews

I know the Loew’s Regency in NYC is on our exchange list so that’s why it sprung in my head.

I’ve never stayed at the MO in Washington but it is a pretty fancy-nancy hotel; I’ve been in the one in NY & Miami.


I’ve stayed at the MO in San Francisco…elegant, excellent service, very sophisticated…not too sure about kid-friendly, tho…I was there on business, and I didn’t see a single child in sight at the hotel. I did LOVE the complimentary hot tea service that was delivered to my room every evening…I got pretty spoiled.


I haven’t stayed at that hotel but do know that most of the hotels in the immediate DC area are business geared. We have stayed at the JW Marriot and Capitol Hill Marriot. Both still accomodated families if not completely geared toward them. I think the families tend to be there during vacation weeks and summer regardless of the type of the hotel.
You will be spending a lot of time sight seeing, so I wouldn’t worry about the hotel. My kids were still kids and I never felt uncomfortable at either of these hotels. We were on the conceirge level at the JW and did the weekly business dinner deal at the other hotel and we did see other families. (summer and April vacation)However, I would still feel ok about taking them to the pool area…etc. I just reminded them that there were a lot of people working in the hotel and we might need to be a little quieter.


I’ve never stayed there spcifically, but most of metro DC hotels are very business oriented. I have been to the Loews in Annapolis - it is lovely, but Annapolis is 30-45 mins away, and not worth the commute. We visit DC several times a year, and I cant say there are any “kid friendly” hotels. DC is great, its a beautiful hotel in a great location, don’t worry about it .