Manginos at Shades of Green


Has anyone been to Manginos? Do you have to be staying at SOG to eat there? I’d like to check out SOG during our next trip so I thought we should try out the restaurant while we were there. I figure we could test out the transportation, sample Manginos, and check out the resort at the same time!


Hello Kizzmitt, listen SOG is my “home” when we are at WDW. I did not know the answer to your question about Mangino’s so I just called them. They said thats the only one that needs a ressie and that anyone can eat there by calling making a ressie and they would let the security house know that your coming. We just love the resort. The transportation is ok not as good as Disney’s but alright. We always have a car so only the boys use the buses when me and DW want to hang out.


Thanks Franco, I was thinking of staying at SOG this trip but when they took away the EMHs I changed my mind. I know that they now added EMHs again and I really like the price so I figured the best thing to do is go see it so I’ll know for next time. We will have to use their transportation though because I woln’t have a car.