My DW wants to know if anyone has gotten a pedicure/manicure at any of the WDW spas. Was going to get one before we leave this week, but her salon is closed for vacation. Any ideas? Ballpark guess on $$?


I have not gotten one, but I would think that it would feel great after all that walking…


Oh it’s a shame her regular place is closed :frowning: I too get mine before I leave. I’m sure the Disney spa’s are lovely, and there are a few shopping type malls nearby if she wanted to venture off site?


I always go to SSR Spa and get my massages there. I have never gotten a pedi or manicure there. My daughter will be getting one this Sunday, but I know that will not help you much. I can say it is not cheap but it is Disney and not much is cheap. My daughter is paying $110.00 for 80 minute manicure and pedi. I hope that helps. I have had great servie there and they do a wonderful job. I also will be going this Sunday for a massgae as well as my mother in law and daughter( first spa expirence).


That sounds wonderful and I have made a note as I would love to try this spa next trip. Yes $80.00 is higher than average, but not too extortionate. And hey, you’re on vacation you’ve earned it!:laugh:


Here is a link:happy:

Niki Bryan Spas :: Relaxed Yet™

I had a mani/pedi at the spa at Grand Floridian the morning of our wedding. LOVED it! What a nice way to relax before the busy day:heart: I also had my hair done at the salon at the GF. I was very happy with the results!


[QUOTE=Peppertink;1075819]Here is a link:happy:

Niki Bryan Spas :: Relaxed Yet™


Thank you Peppertink. The link really helped.