I know this has been discussed to death but Mapleleaf Tickets has a deal now where you buy a 4 day regular or parkhopper MYW ticket and you receive a 5th day free (no parkhopping i am assuming). We were thinking of sticking around a little in the morning of the day we leave and thought about buying a 5 day instead but really didn’t want to spend any extra money than we had to.
Anyway, I am not sold on buying from anywhere buy Disney. It seems like too many “what-ifs” might happen and then you’re stuck with $500 blown. So tell me about Mapleleaf.


Bella I know Inluvwdw(Kim ) has used them … She said Omar was wonderful … but I dont know from First hand experience you might want to pm her and she can tell you about her experiences… I also think Laurengold has used them too…


I’ve bought tickets from Mapleleaf a couple of times with no problems at all. They sponsor allearsnet and I know they wouldn’t do business with them if they were not reputable.


I have also bought ticketswith them and had no problems at all.


I bought 10 day no expiration hopper passes from them over a year ago and have used them on 2 different trips and have not had a problem.