Mapping out the parks


The last time I was at Disney you used A-E tickets for the rides and Magic Kingdom was the only park. Our cast of characters is 3 sisters - late 30’s early 40’s - 1 brother-in-law - 2 kids (9 and 4) and our parents early 70s. We are representing 4 households but if I learned anything from this site it go with a plan.

All of our ADRS are made, we don’t want to be commando as we are happy just to be together but we want to hit the major attactions (though some of our crew will be happy just with Dumbo and shows, while others want the adventures of space mountain).

I know some rides we can all do HM, IASW, POC, but the roller coaster type rides will only interest some. My question is when you have a large group, that really likes each other do you all stay in the same land or do you spread out over the parks and meet for key show times, dinner? We’re getting ready to put a plan on paper and ideas from the experts would be appreciated.

I know I have said it before but this is the kindest, funloving forums with a true caring spirit. You all seems like such friends and I know that there are some new CMs (Ginger for one) that I look forward to meeting and thanking for her enthusiasm for Disney. Thanks!


First, I’d pick up a copy of the Unofficial Guide. Not only does it have great touring plans, it lists the best times to visit/avoid attractions.

Also, I’d recommend meeting for key events but touring seperately. This will avoid frustration from different interests, walking speeds, and etc.


Well, first of all, thank you for the compliment - we truly are wonderful people. :angel:

As for going as a group - I think it’s best, when dealing with a bunch, that everyone feels that they can split up and do what interests them, without causing bad feelings. I would plan for dinner and special events together, but if you’re in the parks and some want to do Splash Mountain, while others want to do Dumbo, it makes it so much easier and nicer if you can split up - and it’s a lot more fun when you meet up together - everyone can tell their adventures.

I’d make this really clear now, in the planning stages, so that no one will have hurt feelings. Too much togetherness is sometimes just too much!