I just read a 9recent) negative review of Mara. It stated that the ‘system’ they use is not like other resort food courts? Anything we need to know in advance to make things run smoothly for our stay?


Last time we were there, a cm would stand at the base of the line and take our order. She would hand us a box that would beep when ready. Not sure if that is what is in place now, or if they were testing something. Prior to that it can be a little confusing because the line starts in the middle, but then “Y’s” out depending on what food you want at what station. To be truthful, never had a problem, as when we are there, not too big of lines and you get helped very quickly. We love the food there though. African stew is wonderful, and they have this chicken pita that is great. You can also get the standards like hamburgers and chicken. Never had a bad meal there. Also, very relaxing to eat it outside, near the pool. Just a nice atmosphere.


We ate there a couple of months ago and didn’t have a problem figuring out how their system worked. We enjoyed our lunch and wouldn’t think twice about going back. I think the quick service restaurant at CR works in a similar way.


We ate there and the food was good. It did take a while for the order one day but otherwise worked as mentioned above. It is convenient if you are staying at AKL.


do they do that at port orleans?