Marathon weekend


I have searched the boards a couple of times and have yet to find a thread for the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 8, 2006. Are there any of my fellow DCers that are planning on running/walking the marathon?


I’m not…but my boss will be there that weekend…Of course she isn’t running in the marathon…well…maybe the commando WDW marathon.


You should PM ddoll - she’s been training for it for months. Go ddoll!!!


I was just going to say the same thing! Go ddoll! Go goofyguy1958!


That’s sounds like fun - it might be hard for me to run with a Mickey Bar in one hand and a candy apple in the other, though :closedeye


I did the half marathon last year but could not do it this year. I am going to try to do it every other year. But it is a blast. You will really enjoy it, maybe not at the time after getting up at 2:00 am and walking/running all that way but it does sink in what a great time you have. I also did it with TNT and it made it even more rewarding crossing the finish line. They are doing it different this year too having the half marathon on saturday and the full on sunday so it might not be as crowded. Good luck and if you have any questions just let me know. Oh and please let us know all about it when you get back.


Sorry you had to search so hard, GoofyGuy. There have been numerous mentions about the marathon here on the boards, but alas, no threads with that title.

Yes, I’m doing the half marathon. My first time. I’ve been training since like Feb or March of this year.

There are a few members who plan on being in WDW at the time of the marathon too.

Are you the same GoofyGuy from Tag’s?


Hey goofyguy I just went to your TNT website. I just wanted you to know what a wonderful thing you are doing, I’m sure Lizzie would be proud! Good job on passing your fundraising goal as well! Again good luck and I will be thinking of both you and Lizzie on the 8th!


My DD’s occupational therapist is running and she signed all 4 of her kids up to run and her DH! She has been training for a while now! She told me just today that she ran 5 miles in one of our local parks on Saturday and it was like 15 degress out!! :wacko: They are staying at POR and they leave New Year’s Day (or the 2nd). I can’t wait to hear how she did!


Best of luck to GoofyGuy1958 and ddoll and anyone else running the marathon! Be sure to come see me in Adventureland for some cool down time. The camel is really good at making sure you get enough water. :wink: :laugh:


Hey Ginger…save me a potty stall so I can run in quick and not lose any time waiting! :wink:


Haha! You are so funny! Although I would be doing the same thing! :tongue:


Sorry for the delay in replying but with getting a new puppy (on the 23rd), fininshing Christmas shopping, Christmas, and marathon training I have not taken the time to visit the boards. Thanks everyone for the well wishes - and that is exactly what I would expect from all the wonderful people here at C - and kind thoughts. I actually have run two marathons in past years but the last one was back in '98 and a lot of down time since. My inspiration to attempt another marathon was and is Lizzie (my son’s best friend’s older sister who lost her battle to Leukemia in April 2005). I have raised well over $5,000 dollars for research with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and completed my final 20-mile training run (on Christmas eve) and now the real anxiety kicks in. Not only can’t I wait for the race but I actually leave for the world in 9 days.

ddoll, yes I am the same guy from Tags. I thought I recognized you!

Alicefan - I may actually try at least the Mickey Ice Cream if they are selling them to racers. The only problem is trying to run and eat ice cream at the same time - can we say stickey melt time!