March 12th - 19th, 2011: Rants, Raves, and PICS!


OK everyone, we have been home for about 6 hours and figured I needed to get this thing underway. I am going to break this out in sections. You are going to hear “Rants” - things that really got on my nerves. “Raves” - the things I really liked. And, of course, see a whole bunch of pics. So, “Here We Gooooooo!!!”

Me (Dad)
9 Yr DS
6 Yr DS
2 Yr Old Princess
17 Yr Old Babysitter/Practically adopted Daughter

Lets Get some Ranting Out of the way…BTW, before I rant, just know our trip was AWESOME, but along with the good came some bad…


The Southeast and Texas was on Spring Break and it was crowded. I try my best to move through the parks as QUICKLY as possible while aware of the thousands of people around me. We have to stop on occasion to get a game plan together or do other trip housekeeping type of things, but we always try and find a place out of the flow of traffic. I am AMAZED at the people who will clog traffic for extended periods of time. They would have wide open space in front of them and would literally stop dozens of people from passing. I understand the picture taking and the immediate child behavior modification tasks…but moseying all the way down Main Street at a snails pace in a 3 person 10 foot wide section in the middle of traffic flow is INSANE…To top it off - I wish I could be more like that. Just strolling through the parks with the family oblivious to the thousands around me…I try, but I just can’t.

ALL THREE PICS ARE AT CAPE MAY - We pulled in and checked in (I will RAVE about that in a minut) and went straight to Cape May to start the trip.


RAVE #1 - “Here She Comes to Save the Day”

So, we pull in at about 6:30am to ASMusic to check-in and for the first time ever I left all my email and mail correspondence for the trip. I had my reservation number memorized so I wasn’t worried. I go to online check-in line and begin the process. As we go through it the cast member is checking all the basics “Dining Plan - Check, Park Hoppers - Check, Two Side by Side Rooms - Check…Wait, Wait, Wait. Is that the same as Connecting?” She says no. I go on to tell her our situation and for 6 months in every correspondence I had with WDW I would double check this. An email I recieved YESTERDAY said Connecting Rooms - GUARANTEED. She agrees that this isn’t right and tells me to hang tight and she picks up the phone. The Lady (I could hear her voice) she calls won’t budge and it appears I am going to be stuck in one room and my wife in another, while my wife might have been game for that - I WAS NOT. She hangs up the phone and says - This is not right, WE DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT SPLIT FAMILIES UP. She tells me to hang on about 3 times as she talks to about 3 different people. She was not taking no for an answer on this. It seems there was a HUGE cheerleading competition on property and at check in MANY of them asked for connecting rooms and the 1st woman she talked to seemed to OK some of them. Like I said she did not take “NO” for an answer and in about 30 minutes she came back to me and said we are moving some people around and your rooms will be ready by 3pm I promise. By this time we had missed our 7:45am breakfast at Cape May, I mentioned it and she waived over to the conceriege desk and she got it changed to 10:30.
She was a college program CM and I applaud her for her effort. I pulled up the email that said “Guaranteed” on my Blackberry to “prove it”…before I could turn to show it to her…She said “I believe you, no need, we DO NOT split families up with young children.”

PIC #1 - Bambi’s Butterfly House
PIC #2 & #3 - EPCOT Garden Festival


Cute kids!!!

Are the other people that you are talking about… the ones that stop… Are they the ones that complain about getting hit by strollers on their ankles???

Glad you had a good trip.


How crowded is crowded? We went in late april about 4 yrs ago and it was crowded, and we haven’t been back in the spring again. However, seeing DVC Mike pictures, we are thinking of maybe doing the first week in May for 2012.

That checkin CM sounded great, I just love it when someone steps up and says “This has to be fixed” and not just “sorry, have a magical day”.

For your breakfast at 10:30, it still looked busy. Was it?


Your kiddos are Too Cute! Lovin’ the pics - continue on… = )



OK, we thought taking the babysitter was a good idea, and she wasn’t a TON of trouble, BUT!!! She got a new cell phone and a new boyfriend right before we left. Every night about an hour or two before we are used to leaving the parks she was wanting to go…mainly b/c her cell phone had died. I would say but they haven’t shot the fireworks…“What is your husband’s deal with fireworks, they are just fireworks…” She actually said that to my wife. We are used to closing the parks down EVERY night and Opening a few up in the mornings as well and she was done the minute her phone was done. We had 3 nights left and we hadn’t REALLY seen a firework show at all, and she says she is tired and ready to go…of course, she would go back to the room and text till 1am or 2am every morning. I turn to her and said - "I love you, you are like my own which is why you are here. And for EVERY night this trip I have given up their (my kids)wants, my wife’s wants, and my wants to get you back to your cell phone charger and I have not complained or said a word thinking you would get some rest and get into the Magic and stop it. You haven’t. BTW, the Fireworks are my FAVORITE thing to do here ask Lyeah…and I have paid for EVERYONE here and EVERYTHING we do here, including you. I don’t ask for much, but my kids are going back to the hotel from this point on when they want to not when you say and we are watching Fireworks EVERY night for the remainder of our stay b/c it is my Favorite and I feel I have the right to do so. I love you and I want you to have fun and I even like your boyfriend…but you have to stop. She did stop - not enjoyably but she did.
I will NEVER ask someone outside of my immediate family to go again - NEVER!!! And pay for it on top of that. I don’t mind meeting up with people but this is trouble. In the end she was less trouble than my mother was last trip but at least my mother was appreciative and said thank you after everthing. I did not hear it ONCE from her and neither did my wife.


Next time, take me, I’ll watch all the fireworks you want. :happy:


I completely agree with you on the people who are oblivious to others around them. I’m always amazed at how inconsiderate other people can be.

I’m so glad you got a good check in CM. We’ve done connecting rooms at values before too, as we also have 3 children. It would be such a pain to be split up.

I can’t wait to hear your thought on Cape May-that’s one of our favorite character meals.


Great pictures and can’t wait for more!

And welcome to the teenage years. Silly man! Don’t you know that if you’re a teenage girl absolutely NO One or Nothing is important or even exists, except yourself and what YOU want to do? Why coudn’t she go back to the resort by herself? We learned our lesson years ago - no outsiders.


RAVE #2 - “Dining Experience is BACK”

Last trip (2 Christmas’ ago) we ate well as we were on Deluxe. The food was good but the “experience was gone”. This time it was BACK. Prime Time was a BLAST again, Whispering Canyon was GREAT and fun, everywhere we went was special again in its own way. One of my new faves is Chefs of France…besides having one of the most attractive staff’s of any place at Disney (sorry, but very noticeable - wife commented on how attractive the males were that worked there and the women were attractive as well - and on top of that VERY PROFFESSIONAL)…oh besides that…they had the acrobat chair stacking dude and ratatoullie mouse character puppet…and the food was GREAT!!!

Oh Cape May - I NEED TO GO BACK when I haven’t been driving 14 hours…Just saying.
Our run down
Cape May
Liberty Tree
Whispering Canyon
Prime Time
Chef’s of France
Crystal Palace
probaly some others I am forgetting.

All in all the food was good and the “Experience” was back.



OK - we always sit in the same area for Illuminations and in that area there are a few places we LOVE to SIT. One is right by the handicapped seating. If you get RIGHT on the rail of the fence ITS PERFECT but if you dont wheel chairs will block your view to a 1/3 of the show. So, that spot was taken, as well as the other spot we love in that area. We moved a safe distance away from wheelchairs and I began to notice that the 4 adults who had the spot were the ONLY ones standing while waiting. I thought surely they will sit. If they don’t they will block a good portion of the show and everyone will stand…btw you see much better if everyone sits. I begin to eavesdrop and I hear them say they ARE NOT SITTING. I walk over to the CM in the handicapped area and call her to the rope, in distance for the group to hear me. “This show is much better for everyone if the people in this area sit isn’t it…Yes, it is.” I launch a counter attack and ask if everyone will stay seated during the show and everyone agrees (applying some peer pressure). Well, the show starts. They Never sit and in 2 seconds EVERYONE STANDS and some see and some dont. A little old man behind says, “Oh No…Don’t…Sit Down…Don’t…Oh, NEVERMIND.” I looked at the CM - she shrugged her shoulders, shook her head, but wht could she do I guess.


love the pic of your little girl with the ice cream… most adults feel that way about the mickey bar too…


You should have taken my 17 year old daughter she would have said thank you a million times and left her cellphone in the room!


I hate “standers”…I rarely bother with night shows and parades any more. the rudeness ruins the day for me. I also hate the people who walk up right at show time and think they can stand in front of you after you have waited for a hour for your spot.

Teenagers! I deal with my DD and her phone/BF thing every trip. WE have rules…they are in place before we leave and I never budge. She can talk when we are on a break only. If she sticks to this, her phone doesn’t die and require charging. If the phone dies, she’s beat. I don’t even take my cell out of the room. It’s my only real break from work…


So nice to read that someone else likes Chefs de France too! It’s one of our favourites, yet it doesn’t get many good reviews from others. We always enjoy the food - the creme brulee is just…:wub: and the wait staff is one of the nicest of any Epcot restaurant. Now if I could only catch a glimpse of Remy.



We began to use this about day 3. It serves it’s purpose well. I like it because the people who benefit from this the most ARE THE KIDS. My 2 boys got to ride everything they wanted many times because of this. The wifey and I rode everything once or twice, but the kids rode twice as much. We have never used it, but we LOVED it. If you have riders that are too short to join you or don’t want to ride - it is a GREAT thing.



  1. If you can jog w/o noticeable limp from the bottom of THE LAND all the way down to Soarin’ to try and beat everyone for a FP - you might not need that scooter you came cruising in on.

  2. I would say 1/4 of the people on those scooter things DON’T NEED THEM and could STAND a little more walking (I know that was mean, but c’mon there are entirely too many of them running around). My mom was 76 when she went and NEEDED one but wouldnt use them.

  3. WDW CM’s need to get a little meaner sometimes. When someone else’s “Enjoyment” of WDW begins to take away from a mass of everyone else’s enjoyment (ESPECIALLY KIDS) then a CM needs not just look and smile. They need to say something.

  4. #3 beig said - The que waiting area at “The Little Mermaid’s Voyage…” IS NOT the place to choose to get to 2nd base with your significant other. I mean down the neck of the shirt he went stayed there a while with kids EVERYWHERE. CM saw the whole thing and didnt say a thing.

  5. For you teenage boys out there. To talk so that EVERYONE AROUND you can hear you, thinking its funny is just ANNOYING. Stop yelling, the only person laughing is you and the your stupid friend.

  6. If you CAN’T SING - a WDW bus at 1am with a bunch of tired people is not the place to have your own concert and take requests from your very inebriated friends. Once again the driver said nothing.

  7. Men and teens and even a bit younger. If you CAN STAND on the bus ride home and you see a woman, a pregnant woman, a person with baby in hand, or an elderly person…get your REAR out of the seat and give them your seat. You will feel better for it.


I don’t want to start a debate- but perhaps those that stand during parades and fireworks are unable to stand back up easily?


Your collection of rants is so true-especially number 8. I have seen men not help an 80 year old woman before… so I got out of my seat (I am a woman) and gave her mine…

I have also had to hold my 25 puonds of dead weight two year old one night on the way back from the bus-it was not fun to go around a curve, and I almost ended up in some man’s lap…

My mom had to stand up one night, and hold on. And the guy in the seat kept giving her dirty looks because she was holding on to the handle on the back of the seat. She finally said “well sorry-but I have to hold on-or I will be in your lap.” He was not too pleased… It was either hold on-or get thrown around… there was no need for him to be ugly-she was definitely not trying to be…


A: should have taken me:) i would have taken excellent care of your kiddies and have been extremely grateful! although i would have been on the phone the entire time bragging about how amazing the trip is lol!!!
B: as for standing during parades, i ALWAYS stand. one time we were waiting for spectro and one of the floats completely shut down. they had to offload all the characters and they took the ropes down. we were in the front right on the rope. my then 2 yr old almost got trampled because we had no warning and we couldn’t get up fast enough. i actually grabbed a dudes leg and almost made him faceplant to keep him from stepping not only on my lo but the other 2 lo’s sitting next to her. people do not watch where their going and at night it’s especially bad.
C: even if i have kids, i will offer my seat to someone handicapped or elderly. some people just have no respect. i’ve been known to drop a silent stinker while standing in front of some of these people. once it got me and my very heavy 2 yr old a seat:)