March 2009


My Spring break is always the last week of March. I know many other places are the same, so we are expecting crowded parks.
How is the weather at the end or March? Since I am a teacher, our other options are Christmas ( way too crowded ) or Summer ( way to hot!)
Has anyone ever gone the last week of March? Was it as crowded as Easter week?
Easter is in April this year.


Crowds always depend on how close to Spring Break/Easter it is. A good indication is if it’s value season or peak season. Regular season crowds are usually similar to value.
Weather in March can be all over the place, but expect night time temps no lower than mid 60’s and daytime highs in the mid 80’s.


Well that is good weather for us! Thanks! I will check into what season it is. Thanks for the tip.


We’ve gone several times that range between mid March to Mid April and have really enjoyed the weather. Warm enough to do the water parks but comfortable doing the regular parks too. Nights can be a little chilly (depending on where you’re from and what you’re used to. If it gets down in the high 60’s, low 70’s I freeze!) so bring a sweatshirt…or you have a great excuse to buy one! The busiest we saw was probably this past spring break that led into Easter weekend, just make sure you have park hoppers and if you get to a park that’s too busy, hop over to another one. We only had to do that one day, but it was well worth it!


Thanks our projected dates are March 20 to 25th. Easter is in Early April I think Disney starts Easter pricing on April 4th. Glad to hear the weather is nice. Thanks


OK I am booked! We are departing Friday March 20 and Returning Wednesday March 25. I am taking just DS(4) and DD (9) . DH only likes to do Disney every other year or so.
My kids birthdays are both in April so this is their birthday present/birthday party.
Oh the lenghts we go to avoid having kid birthday parties :slight_smile:

Since it is just the 3 of us we are staying at Pop Century and we are on the dinning plan. Since it is just me and the kids I was tempted to try the CS plan and pay oop for a character meal. But since both of my kids are under 10 it was about a 70.00 difference between the regular DDP and CS plan. So I firgured we are better of with the DDP.
Now to plan!