March break 2012


Soooooo, I am happy to announce I will MOST LIKELY be going to WDW for my grad trip :laugh:

It will be me and 2-3 friends so we will want to keep as cheap as possible, so we will be staying at All Star Movies (even though it is a value resort ive always wanted to stay here)
We also know we want to be eating at the parks and TS meals, so we want the dining plan included :slight_smile:

has anyone been to a value resort on march break with dining plan so i know a price, the WDW website wont let me check costs for 2012 yet!


Nope change of plans your not going โ€ฆ
If your dad isnt going your not going



You will be able to see in August I think. March is Peak Season so you can check this yearโ€™s Peak Season Rates to get an idea. I do know about Jan. this year they came out with some offers on my trip and I got around $500 off - so look for the offers as well once you book.