March decent time to go


first let me wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new year belatedly. I have been so involved with personal stuff i have had the time to get on… we are thinking of taking advantage of the gift card discount. but the only time we could do it is the first week of march… we do have a trip planned for the end of Nov aFTER THANKSGIVING to see the chrsitmas decoration … but dh thought two mini vacations would be fun instead of one long one. plus side is we would be there for our dh bday she lives in clearwater but would come over for one day. we thought we would go for the five nights. good or bad idea. crowds, weather and rainy. we went easter last year it was a nightmare we swore never again. thanks for the help.


Early Easter is FABULOUS! Crowds are not bad at all, and the weather is 50’s to 70’s… mostly 70’s, and there is not too much rain. Can be windy though… But definitely worth going!!! GO, Go, Go,


Disney, for the most part, has really mastered crowd control. I have been there several times during the summer, which is some of the most crowded times, and still the waits are not terrible. There are, of course, a couple of exceptions to this but still worth the trip. In my opinion, any time I get a chance to go to Disney it is worth it. Even if it means having to go back to the resort to change shirts half way through the day!


thanks we are looking at march 8th to the 13th… we got a pin by email for 35% off of moderate . we had already planned on doing november. we dont want cold and wet… we went Easter last year it rained alot and was so cold. it was so crowded they closed mk. it was not one our better trips.


We are at WDW right now - were here since Christmas Day and I can’t emphasize too much how terrible it’s been. People in the Parks don’t even smile - it’s like an job just to get through. The waits are well over an hour on the most popular rides - and I pity any first-timers or those who don’t know how to “work” the system. What I’m saying in short is: stay away from holidays. Not worth it! I don’t know when Easter is this year - but March is Springbreak time. I’d go after Thanksgiving.


I agree, after Thanksgiving through the first week of December is a great time to go. This is when our last trip was.

We have also run into large crowds while visiting on our spring break. It seems like anytime school isn’t in session the crowds seem larger, which really stinks since DW and I are both teachers.


Easter is April 4th this year, so we hope the crowds won’t be too bad during our trip 3/1-3/9!


No it won’t… I have been during that time for 3 years in a row- the same week… It was great. There are few crowds, because everyone is in school… We LOVE IT! We have been the only people on the bus before. Enjoy your time… The closer you get to Easter, you will get close to spring break, but that is not the week that you are going to be there… you will be FINE…


We went in March last year, and had a great time! The crowds were bigger than December, but the weather was much nicer!


We’ve been in March several times, the weather has always been good. You may need a sweatshirt after sundown, but it’s warm enough during the day to hit the pool and waterparks. We usually go the 2nd or 3rd week of March because of the school schedule and that’s when our spring break is. One year it was totally crazy, only because it backed up to Easter, the rest of the years have been pretty manageable. I think going the 1st week of March you’ll have no problems!


Based on that information, I think you are picking a good week to go. Colleges are just starting spring break, and elementary/junior/high schools like to work around easter. I wouldn’t go the week before easter or the week after.


which seems to exactly the week that I am going to be there…arrrgggghhh…how to fill someones day with Dread gatour???:eek::laugh: