March or June?


I am helping my husbands aunt and uncle plan their first trip to Disney World. :mickey: They have 3 boys, ages 14 and twin 8 year olds. They originally wanted to go the week of the kids spring break from school, March 20-26.

I went during spring break in 2005 and thought the crowds were moderate, but I know lately people have said crowds have increased.

So, I am thinking about suggesting the first week in June. According to the crowds are 9s the whole week in March and only 4-7s the first week in June.

I guess I just want someone to tell me which would be better. I know in June it will be hotter, but for first timers, I’d rather crowds be manageable since they’re not going to be as “in the know”. I really don’t want them to miss anything they really want to do.

Oh yeah, and Easter isn’t until the end of April, so I thought that could make crowds smaller in March. Any thoughts??


The crowds might or might not be 4-7 during the time you want to go in June, but you can count on temps and humidity in the mid 90’s with afternoon cloudbursts every day, sometimes so bad that the storms don’t shut down until 9 PM, ruining any night time plans you might have for catching Wishes or Fantasmic. Also, schools are out in Florida, or are letting out, so park attendance ramps up from Memorial Day onwards.
Keep in mind that peak period pricing is in effect at all buffets and that summer hotel rates kick in on June 4 and continue through August 14.
March, depending on how late Easter is, can be very acceptable, especially if the hotels are still at regular or value rates and not Easter peak rates (this is calendar dependent although it looks like Disney has decided that everything from Presidents’ Day and Easter “Monday” is now peak)


I’ve gone in both, the week before Easter and the first week in June. I don’t know if we just had good timing or what, but I really didn’t find March too bad as far as crowds. You would just have to make sure they have park hoppers for if a park is just too packed, they can hop over to another. So, from the standpoint of weather, I think March is better, as June was already very hot. Crowds personality though seemed a little more tense in March. When we went in June, it was during gay days. I have to tell you, each trip we always take notice about the “personality of the crowds” and this was one of the better times to go. The crowds were fun and in a good mood. Not one incident of crabby/idiot people. If you are worried about the parks being packed, just make sure you know the gay days schedule, whereas they attend a different park each day, so just avoid the scheduled park to avoid crowds.


I would have to say March since the crowds weren’t too bad for us either. I have gone in June as well and the heat was a bit much. It’s hot regardless when you go, but it should be better in March. Good luck on your decision… check events going on during those months too, that might help as well.


The states seem to space their spring vacations so not every schools in every state is off that week. Check the calendar of states to see when they have spring break. Also remember that colleges do often plan their spring breaks to coinside with each other. I still think the first possible day in June is better. We been both times and what a little rain when it 90 out. You just slip on your poncho and keep truding. The parks clear out for awhile when it rains there.


It depends on if the group you are planning for can handle the heat. We’ve done both. We went spring break this year (week after Easter) and the crowds were moderate but the weather was PERFECT. We’ve been in March also the crowds were the same. When we did first week of June the heat and humidity were awful and we did not enjoy it as much.


Thanks everyone. I looked at spring break calendars and it looks like they’re at the tail end of it. Hopefully crowds won’t be too bad.

Soundgod, the prices are one of the first things I looked at when I started researching and was shocked to see Disney considers all of March peak now, and the beginning of June is just regular season. I would think any time in June would be busy because of schools letting out.


I have done both… With all things considered- I would choose June. I have been for the past two years during the first week of June, and crowds are not bad at all. There are a lot of people, but the lines for rides are not that long (30 minutes being the worst). You get to swim for sure here, not in March. Weather is warm, but tolerable. Schools are not really out yet, there are some, but I definitely see more kids trickling in towards that second week. Go in JUNE… They will not regret it. It is hot, but Disney does keep you as cool as possible, and the park hours are a little longer, and you get to go swimming-which would be important for those age kids.


I would most defiantly go in March! June is just too hot.
We went during march last year and it was wonderful. The days were nice and warm, but not humid, and the night were coolish, needing a long sleeve.
The crowds were non-existinent. It was a wonderful trip.
We just went this past June (the second week) and it was awful :mad:. It rained EVERYDAY…and not for just an hour, it was for several hours, down pours. It was so humid we couldn’t stand it. I’ll never go back in the summer again.
The spring is without a doubt my favorite of the two seasons to go :smile:.


I knew this would happen. Everyone has their own opinion and I’m back where I started! :laugh: I’m just going to have to relay the pros and cons to them and see what they think. Thank you all!


I think that’s the best solution. As you can see from everyone’s comments, it really depends on what is important to you/them. So, give them input, and let them make their decision what works best for their family. I really think both times are good to go, it’s just a matter of ironing out which is better for their family.


At least you have heard the major concerns, which I agree with all about each choice. Give them the pros and cons, and remind them that whatever they choose- they will not go wrong. They are going to Disney!