Marching Down Main Street!


Yessss… The Pride of Pendleton Marching Band (sometimes referred to as the Pendleton High School Marching Band) will be marching in Magic Kingdom at 2:30pm on Friday, February 8!

So, if you’ll be at WDW then, definitely come and watch! (If you care to pick me out, I’ll be the little girl with the black alto sax.)

I can’t wait! This is going to be so much fun! :happy:


Wow that sounds really exciting!! Congratulations!!!


Awww, congrats!! That is just SO exciting. I won’t be there in February unfortunately but I am so excited for you!! I lived in Florida during HS so we went to the Magical Musical Days events often. Very cool, take lots of pics!!! Oh, and START A COUNTDOWN TOO!! It will be here before you know it!


When are you marching? We are driving up that day for my DD3s 4th birthday weekend celebration . . . I guess it will be the 3pm parade right?


I’m assuming it’s the 3pm parade. We were told that we’d be marching at 2:30pm, but I think they normally send the bands out ahead of the actual parade.


Congrats!!! Good Luck


awee!! How fun! I hope you’ll write a TR!


My son is in the HS Marching Band and I always wished he would do this. Have fun!!!


Way to go Little Miss! Do you know what your band will be playing?


Congrats …we will be there for ds Birthday. That is so exciting for you! Congrats again!!!


Sounds like a lot of fun. Congrats …


That is so cool!! What great memories you’ll bring home with you. Make sure someone takes a picture of you that you can post in a TR!


Wow, that’s wonderful. You must be so excited :smile:


Glad your band got the trip together! Make sure you share all your scoop with us!


Congrats ~ I’m glad your trip is back on!! We’ll be in WDW on the 8th, and I’ll remember the parade when doing our plans.


I am glad your trip is back on track! I will also be there, so I will try to remember and check out your parade!!


Glad to hear that everything worked out for your band to go. Can’t wait to hear all of the details on your return!!


Congratulations! So glad everything worked out!


I’m hoping to be there then!!! My best friend and I are trying to plan a short vacation for just the 2 of us to celebrate being friends for 20 years. :smiley: We’re planning on Feb 7-10. Hope to see you there!


Thats awesome! Congrats, I hope you have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures and fill us all in with a TR when you get back.