I am definitely in charge of our upcoming trip. My dad’s idea of a vacation is one in which he doesn’t have to make any decisions- he just wants to be told where to go, and when.

I’ve been sending him menus from AllEars, but he contends that anything is fine.

Well, today I FINALLY got him to suggest something he wants! He wants to sit down and have some Mexican food and a big ol’ Margarita.

Margaritas are listed on the Cantina menu but not on the AllEars menu for San Angel Inn. I’m sure it’s there, but can anyone assure me that he can indeed find himself a margarita there?


I have one every time I am there - they are in those pretty margarita glasses with the blue rim! YUMMY!!!


I heard the 'ritas at Capt. Jack’s are very good, too.



I probably won’t have one because I’ll want to stay awake for the rest of the day!

Andrea + Alcohol = Zzzzzzzzzzzz


I just made a Margarita! Well it was actually a candle that looks like a margarita, but still, it’s pretty! Nevermind, go on with what you were talking about.


I love the margaritas at the Mexico pavillion. They are a must for me!!!


Head over to Universal to Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville…I’m pretty sure it’s 5:00 there all the time.


How’d your husband like it? :laugh:


Hee hee…The margaritas in Mexico are the perfect way to start my “Drink my way around the world tour”!!!


You guys are making me want a strawberry margarita rushes off to the kitchen :laugh:

But I’m glad I’ll be able to buy pina coladas and margaritas this year when I go to disney :happy:


The margaritas at San Angel are the best.


Yep! We always start with Fiesta Margaritas from the margarita stand, but there are indeed lovely (and strong :pinch: ) margaritas at San Angel Inn.


Mmmm…margaritas. :tongue:

I really have nothing intelligent to add. Just mmmmmm. :tongue:


OK, now this a topic I have some input on !!! Andrea, this is just my opinion, but anything that comes out of a machine, is NOT a good margarita. It is a nice refreshing drink on a hot day, but The San Angel Inn is the place for the best Margaritas . DH and I get them every trip and this last time we went DFIL tried one and is still talking about it !!! I get mine on the rocks with salt… wow I could really go for one right about now !!


On the rocks with salt…nothing’s better! :heart:


Dagnabbit, I saw the title of your thread and came to the party. Admittedly late, but better late than never???

I brought a bottle of bubbly and a can of sardines. What should I do?

ready to pop the cork in Michigan


Cheers, Dopey!

Pass the bubbly…leave the sardines! :tongue: :blow:


Lose the fish.


WHAT did you just say??!?
People, that kind of language will NOT be tolerated in this classroom.

(Sorry - Every once in a while, the old teacher in me wants to slap someone’s knuckles with a ruler…)


I’ll trade you 20 Margaritas for your Moonshine…

I gotta be honest. I’ve never had a Margarita in WDW. I’m somewhat of a cheapskate, and I just can’t justify spending $7 on a drink… I love me some Margaritas though… YUM!