Marriott World Center Orlando


has anyone stayed at the Marriott World Center Orlando? Curious about your thoughts on the hotel compared to onsite hotels in terms of quality. . .probably only visit one park while there. Its more of a relax vacation for dh and me.


We stayed in the Marriot(can’t think of the name right now) that was connected to the World Center. We did have access to the World Center though. We visited the resort to use the pool and look around. It is very beautiful. My kids loved the elevater(It went up manystories high) and called it elevater of terror. The only thing I found not attractive was that it is a convention resort,so you will find many convention people walking around. That would be the only negative.


We stayed in the hotel many years ago for a conference. We loved it. Our room was clean and comfortable - the pool was outstanding. Since then we’ve often stayed there in the timeshares section. They are beautiful suites, very quiet. Marriott’s have a deservedly very good reputation.


Its our 15th wedding anniversary and we were engaged at Pleasure Island, so we thought we would head back to Orlando. We will probably go over to downtown disney, but not do the parks (maybe EPCOT) but otherwise, think we will hang by the pool and relax.


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