Mary Poppins or Lion King? (which show)


I am thinking about getting tickets for DH and I to see either Lion King on Broadway or Mary Poppins! I can’t decide which?!?! Daniel never saw the Lion King show and I saw it once on it’s first national tour, so it’s been a long time. I could go for either. I guess the only factors on deciding would be that Ticketmaster is only listing availability for Mary Poppins on Friday, Oct. 27th at 8pm. This makes it a little trickier b/c Daniel hates getting fancied up and going out after work, but he’ll do it. Lion King has availability on MANY Saturdays in October. So, which should be do? I am TOTALLY split here! I think we like both stories equally as much. tough call. hehe.

Of course a visit to the WOD store before the show is a TOTAL must!!!


I’d go see Lion King. But that’s just me. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Mary Poppins! But Lion King would be first on my list.


I should also ask if anyone knows of any codes with the Disney Visa card, DVC card, annual passes, etc… for any kind of ticket discounts for either show? I know there is a special Tarzan on Broadway promotion with the Disney Visa but that show isn’t exactly on our “want to see” list. :tongue:


Sorry, girl. I just looked on the Chase/Disney website and they only have discounts for Tarzan on Broadway. :crying: (and Disney Live with Winnie the Pooh!)


For me it would be Lion King. I am a person who gets very picky about the actor who plays a part. I think I would be stuck on “she’s no Julie Andrews” or something like that. Oooh, and I so loved Dick Van Dyke in there also.


I voted Lion King; personally it would be more fascinating to see how they turn an animated film into a broadway show. Mary Poppins would also be fun, but would it be as thrilling?)

That was a tough one for me, I haven’t seen either and I love both! (The films)


I would love to see both but if I had to pick one it would be Lion King.


You weren’t here yet, Wish, but Roomie and I went to see Mary Poppins in London during our trip in February 2005. They were just beginning to discuss when it would come to New York at that time. It was a spectacular show and I’d definitely love to see it again, even though they’ve been much truer to the original book than to Disney’s film (which I appreciated). So it’s a bit darker than the film–and very interesting to see how the songs/scenes have been blocked.


Bali, from my experience last weekend, I’d go with the Lion king. Since it’s been moved to the Minskoff, the grandeur of that particular theater definately plays a role. It is a huge theater, lots of props and costumes to browse upon entering, a wonderful mezzanine view of times square.

I’m just telling you the outside perks, you already know how great the show is!


Either show is fine for Disney fans - but you have to tell me what you’re going after.
We caught Mary Poppins in London last fall and it was fantastic, definitely a worth-while, must-see hit – BUT-- I will say - that if you don’t like it when something you’re familiar with is done differently, then you may not enjoy it.There are new songs (not by the original composers), new scenes (such as a lark in the park), and favorite scenes from the movie were cut. The show itself works quite well, and the cast was brilliant. The sets were, of course, pretty stunning (I won’t spoil it here), and the evening was grand.

As for the Lion King - though it was one of my favorite Disney movies, and though I am the biggest fan of the music creators for the film - I was very much less impressed with. It is pretty much word-for-word the film (not many surprises- except for a brief section about Nala that sounded interesting but no followed up upon). The show is filled with wonderful African atmosphere, but I was so disappointed that the new songs were not by Elton and Tim, but instead by Lebo M. and others - mostly African hymns and rhythms, that I found it hard to enjoy this. Plus, I was not one of the people impressed by the puppetry and pageantry of it all. Don’t get me wrong – if you see this show - you will be impressed, love it, etc… But it didn’t do it for me. I’ve actually seen it twice- once in Previews before it opened and once several years later - and my impression the second time was much better - though not by much. Only because there weren’t enough surprises in it for me.

Don’t discredit Tarzan, though. I had a lot of fun at that one - because I didn’t really know what to expect. I enjoyed the songs from the film and the new ones, and I thought it was a nicely put together show about Family. When I went, I saw everyone having a great time - and that’s what it is all about in the end.

Discounts to the shows will be hard to come by, since they are big hits. Lion King, though nearly 10 years old, is often still sold out – it has moved to a bigger theatre, but it hasn’t lost its popularity. Howeve, I’ve been to the theatre it moved to several times, and I’ve seen shows there from the back row- it doesn’t matter where you sit there -you’ll get a great view of the show.
And of course, the NY version of Poppins hasn’t yet opened. Source I know have suggested it’s been slightly altered from the London version – perhaps they’ve made the story more familiar to American audiences by making it closer follow the film.

Whichever you choose, have fun. If it’s the only time you’ll be in NY, why not go with a brand new show like Poppins? You’ll be able to brag to everyone that you saw it before they did! (It will only have been running a week or two by the time you get here).

Speaking of “Staying home watching the movie” — When Lion King started it’s BWay previews many years ago - I was lucky enough to score tickets the very same night I thought I ought to go. I was a HUGE fan of the movie, and moreover, of the score.
Well, as soon as the guy with the Zazu puppet came out - I wanted to go home. Very badly. Then I found out the new songs were by other people. Then I found the dialogue was pretty much exactly the same… By intermission I kept thinking - “Sheesh, I should have just stayed home and watched the movie.” This was before it became the smash hit it is now.

As for POPPINS, it was one of the highlights of my trip to London last year, and thankfully was different enough, that it really has very little to do with the MOVIE so much as the STORY behind the movie. That made it much more worthwhile to me.


Yeah…what Geeman said! :laugh:

I would take Tony’s reviews to heart. He is a HUGE Broadway Buff…and an even BIGGER Disney fanatic! His opinions do hold weight…IMHO. :happy:


Aw, shucks. Thanks, Kim.


Thank you Geeman, we live near NYC so it’s quite possible to imagine going to one than catching the other at a later time. From what I DO remember of the Lion King show (I saw it probably close to 8-9 years ago) I agree, it was VERY close to storyline but I have a feeling DH might like that better. He isn’t a big Broadway, or theater, etc… type person so sticking to something that is closer to it’s movie storyline from Disney, and I know has TONS of visual eyecandy might be a good idea. If I was going with a girlfriend I’d probably pick Mary Poppins. Anyway, thank you again everyone for the reviews! I’ll let you know if/what I choose :happy:


I voted for Mary Poppins. The two of you both saw The Lion King, so why not try something new.


Wish… I feel like since we saw Lion King Show at AK, we got enough of a tast eof it to focus on Mary Poppins on Broadway instead… jsut to sort of spread out our experiences a bit!


Only I saw Lion King when I was 19, Daniel hasn’t seen either show.


Oops, sorry about that, therefore, I change my vote then (assuming it wasn’t binding, lol) to The Lion King. Why, its my favorite Disney movie, and its something the two of you will proably really enjoy together.


Ugh, I am afraid we might have to put this on the backburner too.:sad: I thought I’d be able to swing tickets, but like I mentioned in my “moment to rant” thread DH and I had to spend an UNFORTUNATE amount of $$$ on Thanksgiving weekend plane tickets to see his family… so, we’ll see. I REALLY wanted to go in October but we may have to put it off until Spring.


I chose mary poppins…I think that one would be cool to see…bit more realistic in real life than the lion king. ducking from the things being thrown at me


I voted for “Lion King”. It has had so many great reviews. I have been wanting to go to that show since I saw the “Festival of the Lion King” at Animal Kingdom. It has to be awesome!