Mary Poppins remix -- Who thinks of this stuff?


This really made me laugh so hard! It’s really clever. Clear the kids out of the room, and give it a look:

YouTube - THE ORIGINAL Scary ‘Mary Poppins’ Recut Trailer


seriously, some people just have too much time on their hands!!


Oh my gosh! :blink: Thank goodness the original movie wasn’t like this. She’s definitely Scary Mary! :eek: If the original movie had been like this I wouldn’t have a desire to find the Mary Poppins topiary.:laugh:


I thought it was good, very clever cutting and editing.


:laugh::laugh::laugh:You and me both.


:glare: I’ve always disliked mary … not the film. But Mary Poppins :laugh:

She clearly saw me screaming her name during Spectro, waving like crazy, but she walked right by me :huh:

Anyway, pretty cool video there! Scary Mary :ohmy:.


That was awesome - and scary! I don’t know if I will think of those scenes quite the same way again. :ohmy::laugh:


That gave me the creeps!! It’s amazing what a soundtrack and editing can do!


Hahaha, I’ve seen that before, its hilarious. And what a good job of editing, too!


Haha that is very funny.


That was a riot! I laughed so loud my DS came over to watch. Pretty soon all the boys were watching it laughing. VERY funny!


That was hysterical! The editing was perfect.


Very clever…I enjoyed it. Looks more interesting than advertisements for the original. :laugh:


WOW! It’s like a completly different film! That was great, creepy, but great! It just goes to show how music can change everything - and decent editing lol! I love that film too, I wont let it ruin it for me hah!