Mascot Revival .....?


Does anyone know if maybe for this big event they’ll bring back retired mascots??

I sure hope so, when I went two years ago I had my heart set on meeting Jim Hawkins and I was so upset when the man told me he had boarding his ship and sailed away in search of more treasure (it was a really nice let down) and I was so sad :nonono2:

Who would you like to see brought back from the Disney grave?


I hope they bring back KRONK! (AKA My husband!)


Thumper was brought back at WDW’s Animal Kingdom. Although I may be wrong, I think this was only temporary to promote the DVD release of Bambi.


A lot of mascots that had not been seen in forever were brought back for Disney’s Parade of the Stars recently…it was really neat to see some of them “brought back from the grave”…I’m almost hoping they will do it on a larger scale during the celebration, but I guess we’ll see. :sad:

I would think with the crowds expected during the celebration, you’re MUCH more likely to see some of those retired mascots out and about…anything to divert small crowds in different directions! Disney HAS been doing a lot of hiring in their Disneyland character department, but then again that could just be to keep their “classic mascots” on steadily rotating shifts during the crazy crowded days.


yah, as I said I’d kill to see Jim from Treasure Planet…

He’s hella sexy!!


I would like to see thumper too! He’s my favorite from Bambi…