Matching Outfits


OK>…I cant believe Im asking this but anyone know where to get matching outfits>>>???


What kind are you looking for?


Total matching shirts and shorts…When we were there in september we say a family that had shirts and shorts made of it looked like disney characters or disney postcards…


Maybe try the Disney store. I know when I was at the one in Scarborough they had matching tees in adult and child sizes.

#5 has a hawaiian one right now-
I buy the logo tees or the polos in the same color and then just go to walmart for matching khaki shorts. I dressed us all in the hawaiian surf one last year for our trip.
DH calls it dressing as the Dorkmans


I just saw Mickey Hawaiian Postcard Shirts for the guys & Dresses for the ladies on the Disney shopping site. There on for almost 60% off, very cute.

You know, we all want to see pictures!


60% off - but 75% additional shipping charges. Online Disney Shopping is just not worth it unless you can send it to a USA address. Trust me.:glare:


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to hit the Disney store instead. :sad:


We too are the Dorkmans!:blush: :laugh:

I just went to the Disney Store this week and bought matching T-shirts for all 5 of us for only $2.99 each!!! Got some really cool POC Tiki style shirts.

Also bought outfits for all of us, shorts and matching shirts for our upcoming Poly trip. I was so lucky to get these really cool Tiki themed outfits on sale for 40% off!!! They were only like $8 each!

I also got these for everyone too!


Heres some close ups of the shirts. They are really nice for a great price!

The T-shirts were $2.99 and the polo/button ups were $8
What a steal!!!

Everyone get to the Disney store before they are all gone. I told DH, I’d rather spend a couple bucks on a shirt now than $25-$50 while we are there.


Oh…I just got the Tiki themed ladies tank top!


I saw those too…I really wanted one, but they didn’t have one in my size. I bought a beige Tiki shirt instead!

Disney is the greatest place to have matching outfits! You really don’t look out of place while your there…and its easier to find each other!

justifying the dork in us all :laugh:


Umm…the beige one…Does it have Minnie doing a hula?:huh:


Oh, I totally know what you are talking about. I saw them in a Disney Direct catalogue (they’ve stopped sending me those, and I can’t find a place online to request). You can have them custom-made with your family’s name. I’ll see if I can find the picture. There were three different designs - one Christmas, one summery, and one just plain old Mickey and gang.

If you have a lot of people in your party, you might could go to a local printshop and get an artist there to make you a design. Our band did that for our last Disney trip, and our Dollywood trip. I’ll admit, it was horribly embarassing, walking around in a “Pride of Pendleton meets Disney” shirt (our band director always chooses are shirt designs, and he has the worst taste!)… I spilled red slushy on mine, and I never got it to come out. What a shame…


before you go to disney shopping go to Disney Store: Wishes Granted and print out the additional coupon. I think that right now its an additional 15%off


No…thats Mickey and Donald…aka…2 Buds.:donald: :mickey: :biggrin:

These shirts are so nice. They are super soft and have no tags.


WOW…I just printed mine. Thanks!!:happy: I wish I would have had this a few days ago.:pinch:

I guess I have to go back and buy some more!!!:laugh: :laugh:


DH not only would never do the matching thing, he doesn’t even like when the girls match! I offered to make us all t shirts -all different of course - and he doesn’t even want one of those! what a party pooper!! oh well, the girls and I will be the only cool ones in the family i guess!

He likes the “dorkmans” term woohoo’s Dh called it! silly boys!


LOL:laugh: My DH likes the “Dorkman” term too. He dosen’t mind so much while we are in WDW…but once back in the real world, he has his Football shirts back on!:laugh:


DH really loves his Disney hockey jerseys - that’s his must get every trip. last year they didn’t have adult sizes (except 1 style that he didn’t like that much). I found several on ebay when we got home.

He’ll wear disney shirts, just as long as they aren’t matching ours! lol!