Matching shirt ideas


ok, anyone have any good ideas…my whole family, 9 of us going to disney in december and i would like to find a cute saying for us all to wear our shirts. anyone seen anything on their trip to disney? thanks!


Have you searched on Etsy? I found some cute ideas there awhile back. Of course they aren’t licensed so Disney could tell 'em to quit, but I like some of the plain Mickey head designs I found on there.


I think these are cute…I like more simple designs.

Personalized Appliqued Mouse Ears TeeCustom by sewcutecreations[0]=tags&includes[1]=title


Sorry to reply again…but I just discovered that you can buy appliqued iron-on transfers on Etsy. Check these out…you can save money by buying just the appliques and putting them on your own shirts.

Mouse Ears Black Glam Face with Red Glam Bow Iron On by kuddlekubs[0]=tags&includes[1]=title


thanks so much!!! i’ll check it out!


i love this, especially the appliques… so neat! thank you!


Because I am socially retarded and as my wife says “Goofy”, I have wanted to make shirts a few years now that make a mockery of the 4-5 family reunions that you seem to see going round Disney every year. I have wanted to do one with like 25 hyphenated last names of the most unpronouncable variety ending in “Smith” as the last name. And instead of the “family tree” above having 200 limbs as so many do, just put two twigs for branches.

Call me an idiot, but I would get a good laugh out of the reactions.

“Disney 2010
The Flugel-Schwartzenheimer-Jaleski-Birbiglia-Villiams-Klagel-Timmins-Jacobski-Adamimitz-Abramovich-Igent-Wirrin-Izenheimer-Townsend-Warren-Brumski-Alientite-Flyrite-Popover-BakinToast-Omelette-Hammoneggs-Oafmeel-Hominy-Sirial-Stakentaters-Gritzingravy-Smith Family Reunion”