Matching T-Shirts Question


Does anyone know where I can purchase matching Disney themed t-shirts for 2 adults and 2 girls (ages 8 and 4) for our trip in November? When we were there in May, it was neat to see families dressed alike and it’s probably easier to keep up with them.

I looked at and wasn’t able to find exact matching shirts in our various sizes.

Thanks so much!


#2 has a section called Disney inkshop and they create all sorts of customized Disney merchandise.


You can google “disney + custom t-shirts” and see what you get… :slight_smile:


Here’s the funny thing. Last night I was in Wal-Mart getting some things for our trip and I saw this adorable Tinkerbell shirt and several other Disney ones. They had them in sizes XS-2XL juniors. I am assuming the XS would fit an 8 year old girl b/c it was really tiny. I didn’t look in the kid’s section but they could have had matching ones. Yeah, check out Wal-Mart. They had SEVERAL cute Disney designs, not just Tinkerbell.


I second what Wish said…check out Wal-Mart. They have really upped their stash of Disney merchandise lately, and they seem to carry a lot of things in varying sizes!

If you don’t have any luck there, use that Disney Inkshop. It’s pretty spendy but you can make some super cute designs!


You can order them on DisneyDirect for a pretty reasonable price!


Check out the link below. We ordered these fro our whole cruise gang. Total we ordered 50+ lime green shirts. We got them and they are pretty nice for $6. Logo Tees for Kids


I would try too. I’ve seen their custom tees and you can do some pretty cool things, and they are available in all sizes.


Thanks for all the ideas! I will definitely give them all a try!


(Now doing the DOUBLE DIGIT DANCE!!!)