Matt's New Shows Review!


OK so this thread is all about the brand new shows going on at MK in celebration of the Year of a Million Dreams. Please feel free to submit your own reviews here as you all get to see them over the next 15 months.

Let’s start with Woody’s Cowboy Camp:
Very fun idea. Much like the Hoe-Down at MK during the afternoons. Woody, Jessie and Bullseye lead a group of cowboys and cowgirls down the streets of Frontierland with a singing cowboy who’s name I forget. Many old west songs that teach you the ways of being a cowboy. The kids get to ride stick “horses” with Bullseye and all participate. Would’ve liked to see it a little longer plus it’s not in the times guides so you pretty much have to run into the show. But really cute. 7 out of 10.

Let’s Have a Ball:
As the cowboy camp is for the boys mostly, LHAB is mostly for girls, but again, ALL participate and have fun. 3 Royal Court Ball-Throwers, with one in particular named Simon, demonstrate with their boss, Lady Lucinda, how to throw a great party to start the “Happily Ever After” for each Princess. Afterwards, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip themselves show up to dance with the guests in celebration! Didn’t expect much, but got more than I bargained for. 8 out of 10.

Main Street Family Fun Day Parade:
Pluto, Chip, Dale, Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow lead guests with many other citizens of Main Street down in a huge parade with all guests able to participate and play along and ending in a huge meet and greet at the end. Not much to this, but a GREAT interactive parade. Plus, come on, it’s Horace and Clarabelle, 2 of the ORIGINAL gang from Mickey’s very early years. 6 of 10.

High School Musical Pep Rally:
Get your head in the game cause I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! Members of East High show up in Tomorrowland to get you pumped up and rockin for the big game! Songs and dances from the movie interwine this great short show. Kids young and old were singing EVERY word and dancing EVERY single step to the show. Never have I seen such audience participation. It was beautiful. 10 of 10!

Dream-A-Long with Mickey:
Ah, the new castle show, and with a plot!!! Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy show up with dream dancers, and Mickey brings a surprise, dreams for everyone. But Donald doesn’t believe in dreams, or their power, so it’s up to the others to show how great dreams are, whether it’s Minnie wanting to be a princess, or Goofy a pirate! But the dreams start to turn into nightmares when Maleficent shows up! Can the gang use the power of dreams to turn her away?

The music, the costumes, the plot, everything was so wonderful and new with this show. Although a little too similar at times to Cinderella’s Surprise Celebration, but you only see her for a brief moment, as the show focuses more on the characters than anyone else. The show I went to also had some pyro technical probs, but that aside, I really loved this show, and I’m sure everyone else will to. 8 out of 10.

So there you have it. These new additions are wonderful, so something to look forward to! How bout ya’ll? Oh, and If I can get some of my pics of Dream a Long on the net tonight I will.


Thanks for the reviews. My DD is definately in for HSMR…me? not so much, but that’s why she has a friend along this trip. :laugh:


Was today the first day of the YoaMD Celebration? Why did I think it was Oct. 3rd?


Thanks!! I can’t wait to go! Next year seems so far away!:pinch:


Oh stop it, I am tooooo excited!


Gee, it’s so nice to have an insider give us all the great scoops. Thanks, Matt! Can’t wait to experience all the new shows and attractions next year! Keep the news coming!


Awesome!!! Thank you, Rowdy!


Awesome, thank you! I may have to make the High School Musical Pep Rally since you gave it such a great review.


Well, it’s the 35th anniversary of WDW opening, which would be perfect to start the 15-month celebration. May officially, OFFICIALLY start on the 3rd. Think of today as a “soft opening.”


Thanks for the info Rowdy!!


Thank you Rowdy for posting that!!!

I can’t wait to go next month!! :happy:


Thanks for sharing with us. I can’t wait to see some of the shows in December.


After watching nightly rehearsals all week long from the Contemporary Tower, I, for once really wanted to see a castle show. Sadly, we left for home yesterday and missed the debut today. Matt, did they finish painting the castle yet?
Funny side note, one of the local Miami stations this morning reported that the new celebration was for WDW’s 35th birthday. Which is the first I’d ever heard of it.
Oh yeah, I saw some of the “High School Musical” show, I guess it was Wednesday. I don’t get it. I’ve done the high school musical, a couple times. I’d rather focus on my award winning television work when I was in college. But that’s just me.


The first family, (the family who gets to go through every land and be greeted by 1000 cast memebers) goes through on the morning of the third! Its being filmed, so I’m sure everyone will get to see it! :happy:


Thanks for all the info Rowdy!

Are any of the shows listed in the times guide (I saw that Woody’s Cowboy Camp isn’t)? I’m in full planning mode for December and I’d love to work these in!


Rowdy, those plans sound like so much fun! I wish I could take my kids back again (at ages 8 and 9) so they could enjoy this stuff all over again.

But wait! What about this new show, just for the moms:

Pirate Rum Party – Captain Jack Sparrow takes you on a tour of the Black Pearl and a tropical island, where there is nothing to do but drink rum, eat shrimp and lay on the perfect white sand next to the blue surf… complete with pyrotechnics and a special meet & greet at the end…


OK MissDis-sign me up for the beach chair next to yours!!!


Thanks for the info Rowdy! I have a little cowgirl who would love to hang with Woody and Bullseye. Any idea why they don’t list it in the times guide though?


i am not a mom; however, i would like to sign up for this show, lol :laugh: :pirate:


This also answers a previous question. These, in the eyes of Disney, aren’t considered “shows.” Don’t ask about what makes a show and not one at WDW. Just take it as it is. Therefore, not being classified shows, they’re not in the times guides. The only one of the new offerings that is in the times guide at this time is Dream Along. The other 4 are not listed. High School Musical times is, however, on the board at the end of Main Street next to Caseys. And Let’s Have a Ball’s times are at the shows location next to Cinderellas Well behind the castle. Again, with Woody’s Camp you just have to be lucky enough to run into it. But it happens several times a day and CMs in Frontierland should be able to help you. Family Fun Day Parade only happens 3 times during the day, and their’s a VERY loud announcement about when it’s going to commence. So eyes and ears open.

And no soundgod, they’re still painting the castle’s towers a new shade of blue.