Matt's Twas Info


Got kind of hard having to keep threadjacking to answer all the questions and PMs for me about T’Was the Night Before Christmas this year, so here’s a thread just for it. Hopefully it’ll have all you guy’s questions answered.

  1. Yes I’m part of the show this year! Yay for “helping” Santa Goofy!

  2. The show has a very interesting show schedule. We open on November 12th. It’s dark only 2 days a week. On days of the parties it will only play during the parties. However, on Saturdays, from what I’ve seen on time schedule, it’s continuous the whole day. I also understand the weekend of Thanksgiving (Thurs, Fri and Sat) they will also have daytime showings. Saturday, Dec. 22nd-Jan 1st the show will be played all day every day, as will CTS and the Christmas Day parade.

  3. The characters will be articulate just as they are at Dream Along, CTS, and the Castle-Lighting show (I believe it’ll be called Cinderella’s Holiday Wish).

  4. Yes I’ve gotten this question PM’d as well. This may very well be the last year it’s performed at the theatre in Tomorrowland (since it’s gonna be torn down), so next year’s show could be anywhere.

  5. If you wish to know if I’m performing you’ll have to PM me a few days before your trip so I can say yes or no I’m there that day.

That’s all the questions I’ve been asked so far. Any others bout Twas or other Christmas shows/parade? Lemmie know and I’ll get it answered!


Is there anything that you feel is a must see at Christmas, that we should make sure not to miss. This is our first trip at Christmas.


Yeah. Twas! :laugh: Seriously, Christmas is the best and most beautiful time at WDW. You really can’t afford to miss ANYTHING! All the parades across property, all the shows, the special fireworks. No, you can’t afford to miss ANYTHING.


Rowdy -

Could you post a little more info about the show itself? It sounds like a show I should make sure my 4-year old sees…


thanks I will try my best to hit it all. I will email you before I leave to see where you are.


We’ve seen it, and it is something your 4 year old will love. It is of course a version of T’was The Night Before Christmas with Disney characters playing the parts. A must see for sure.


I didnt know this existed! I’m so sad that I’ve never seen it!


We thought it was cute, but we missed a lot due to rain. 1st performance was rained out; next was Standing Room Only, standing in water, during intermittent drizzles. Hoping for better luck this time.


Oh Rowdy… I wish I could be there… maybe next year.


Sure. It’s a musical show in which Mickey and Minnie tell us the story of T’Was the Night Before Christmas. Intermittenly as they read us the story throughout the show, Christmas song and dance numbers are performed to give kind of a visual of what’s being read. An example would be when they read in the poem about the miniature sleigh and reindeer, an INCREDIBLE rockin’ dance number to the song Jingle Bells with Chip, Dale and Pluto, and of course a reindeer is performed. The stage itself is like a giant storybook in that the scenes keep changing like pages of a book. Very beautiful music thanks to the live band and just an all out great show. That help?


We will be at the MVMCP one evening. Will we be able to see everything in one night? I don’t want to miss anything!


oh…I am soooo excited to see this show. It is something that is on our must do list!!!:mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


Absolutely! Thanks! I think this will be one more thing to convince DH that we have to go to the MVMCP! Now, to figure out whether to go on the 9th or the 11th of December…:confused: :confused:


Better decide QUICKLY . . .I called last week and there were no on property rooms available . . . unless they start opening some up?


I already have tickets for 12/16, my DD’s B-day!! :happy: SHHHHH! lol
Matt, Iam going to PM that week to find out if you’ll be there!!
I can’t wait to go to my 1st MVMCP!!! :happy:


Well, if you’re unable to go to one of the Parties, go on a Saturday to the MK and the show will be playing in the daytime.


We’re almost done with rehearsals…and none too soon. These late nights are killers!


Sounds great and we can’t wait to see it


Well now that rehearsals are done (THANK YOU LORD!) it’s party time!

Since there’s really no way of me knowing my schedule for Twas since I can be pulled into or out of the show at any time, and I know that many of you will want to know if I’m there or not when you come but can’t ask him if he knows me since it’s a show, here’s a hint:

When Goofy tumbles out of the chimney and wipes the soot off his Santa outfit, if he sneezes, I’m there helping him that night. If he doesn’t sneeze, one of my friends is helping him.


Good to know! Hope to see you! :wink: :happy: