Max capacity in parks


Leaving next month for the world. We’ve never been during a " busy" season so I’m a bit worried. I’ve heard parks close when they reach max capacity. We have a late 8:30pm ADR for Cinderella royal table and r not heading to the park until 4-5pm. What if they r closed? Will they let us in?


I think you’re pretty safe if you’re not going on Christmas Day, New Years Day or Easter. We’ve been many, many times in March and have never had a problem no matter what time we enter the parks.


We went the week before Easter last year, and touring plans rated one date a “10.” I had heard that day they closed MK around 10:30am, but then started letting people in a couple of hours later. We were at Epcot that day, and was not badly crowded at all.


I’ve heard horror stories about going during spring break. Maybe it won’t be to bad.


I’ll be there five days after you arrive, so with you having a 12 night stay (good for you!) we’ll be there the same time!!! Last year Spring Break really was not bad at all. I was nervous, but once we got there it was fine. But, definitely had the go with the flow attitude and was willing to do other things such as hop on a boat over to Ft. Wilderness and see the horses and explore. We stayed at BLT, and my boys were the only ones the whole week that I saw using the tennis courts. I guess we just had good timing, because really the parks weren’t that bad. I’ve seen worse with our August trips.


There are different levels of closure based upon the numbers… If you are a resort guest, I would not worry too much about it. They are last on the list for closing… before everyone. By that time of day, I think that they would reopen because enough people would have left so that it will reopen. Do not worry…


We have gone over our Spring Break (mid-March) many times, as long as you have park hoppers, you’ll be fine. If for some reason you find one park to be more crowded than you would like, just jump over to another and it usually isn’t bad at all. We only had that issue 1 day that I can remember of all of our March trips.


Add July 4th to that list too.:wink:


One problem. No park hoppers. This is our 4th trip and we’ve never had them. It’s never been a problem. Trying to save $$ where we can and $200 for park hoppers never seemed worth it.


Since DW and I are both teachers we have to travel during peak seasons and we have yet to have a problem. You should be fine. No worries!


The actual week of Easter/Good Friday is the week to avoid and that’s all the way at the end of April this year.
March should be fine most of the time.


We were at MK on Easter last year and had no problems getting in. We had ADRs at CP and did not go until the afternoon and did not have any problems getting in.


We usually go the last week of April/beginning of May, but with Easter late this year that wasn’t an option. I’m hoping since we’re there for so long we can deal with the crowds for a few hours and leave in the afternoon if it gets crazy.