Max Goof


My DD is asking me to find out if anyone knows where she can see Max Goof when we go in April.Thx.


You’ll most likely be able to find Max in toontown, his status on is unusual which means he pops us every now and again :happy:


Lately Max only comes out when we’ve a new batch of trainees learning how to help characters, and that’s in ToonTown. Definitely will suggest ToonTown. If you’re lucky, sometimes the Hat.


the only time I have seen him WAS the hat…lol Cool to find out I was lucky to do so.:heart:


When we were there 2 weeks ago we caught him, Stitch, and Belle as we walked into futureworld from the international gateway, by the Club cool building!


We’ve been in search of Max for several years and finally found him last summer near the hat at DHS on our way to Hollywood & Vine for dinner. We were SOOO excited!


We ran into him at Chef Mickeys for dinner. Must have been a lucky visit, we ran into a lot of hard to find characters.


Back when they had the Castle show that ended with all of the characters running out into MK for meet and greets, you could find him on the outside character loop around the central hub, nearest the way to Tomorrowland.

That was quite a bit back, though (like 2001, 2002). Haven’t seen him since.

But definitely try Toontown.


I dont think we’ve ever seen him but shall sure look out for him now.


We met him in TT near the Barnstormer. It was a while ago though.


I live with a couple of Max’s. I don’t need no more.