Maximum table seating


We are in a group of 15 (10 adulst and 5 children youngest being 7) arriving in May. In making ADR are there any restaurants that could accomodate a full group or would we always be split into two tables? Will they try to keep groups together at close tables if we have to be split up? Has anyone had any experiences with dining with such a large group and is it unrealistic to try to have dinners together as a group? Thanks for in-put!


The biggest number I’ve ever had to deal with was 10, and they shoved a bunch of tables together to accomodate us. When we did have to split up, they sat us at tables right beside eachother. As long as you make the reservation for 15 and not 7 and 8, then they should try to seat you as close together as possible (and at the same time). As for splitting up, I don’t really consider it a huge deal, since it’s unlikely you’d be able to converse with the person sitting at the opposite end of the table, anyway.


We have been there with 12 and they seated us altogether for all the meals we had together. Most of the time we had an adult table and a kid table right next to us! I really think they try to accomodate you!!


We’ve been there with 22!! You’ll have to be transferred to group dining and they can’t always accomidate everyone at one table. I know at o’hana we were all seated together, but I’m not sure if any of our others we were. Just be sure to CALL as EARLY in the ADR process as you can! When they seat us separatley, we’ve always been near each other.