May 13th Meet & Greet report!


I JUST got home from our trip and it was a BLAST! Before I go crash (ME picked us up at 4am) I wanted to share the Meet & Greet photos!

Everyone was SO super nice and fun to hang out with and I wish we could have spent more time together, it was a blast! :biggrin:

I walked in right at 11am to be greeted by Tigger and Mrs. Tigger whom I recognized right away! Bumble and Queensmama, all sparkly-eared, were sitting talking and I also met Maria and her family right away! DH and I made our way to a table next to Ginger and everyone seemed to get along so nicely right from the start. We all signed Tigger’s cache book and talked about our trips so far.

Soon after, Erin and family arrived all with big smiles! :wub: Well I TRIED desperately to get a smile out of sweet little Caisley but she just wasn’t having it. hehe. :tongue: Erin’s husband and my husband clicked right away and talked nearly the whole time while I found my way over to kid’s table! They were drawing away having a big old blast and I must say Queensmama’s daughter has got to be one of the sweetest social butterflies ever! :heart:

Daydreamer then showed up with his two lovely girls and had lunch while we all mingled around and took some pictures. Kizmitt came soon after and our little corner was quickly turning into a big party!!!

Ginger, DH, and I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon together in the MK having lunch at Peco’s Bills and catching some of our favorite rides!! It was SO much fun! :happy:

ENJOY the pictures!!!


(I hope these links work b/c I am having problems with file size)



Great Pics Jess, looks like you had a great time. Where did you say your trip report was??? :biggrin:


Cool! You guys are so pretty!! That looks like lots of fun.


Jess where is our picture from Friday? are you home already? ack! I thought you were here for longer! :sad:


I am DEFINATELY putting it in my trip report! I am downloading those pictures as we speak!! :heart:

In 60 seconds I could… go get a drink.


(off topic) sorry I never called you Friday night Jess…I was soooo sick, I just fell asleep. Then Saturday I had to work at 12, I did get an ER at 5pm but I was dealing with tons of crummy drama so my friend came over and made me dinner…I thought you were still here for one more day. Too bad. But you’ll be here again in August eh? okay.


those pics are wonderful, wish. they came out great. i’m glad you guys all got to meet. i would love to do a meet and greet with some fellow jerseyans and DCers. that would be cool.


Thanks for the pictures Wish!

Wish I could have been there…


Looks as though everyone had a lovely time. Too bad I couldn’t have made it there to meet all the DCer’s


The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them.


I’m so jealous!!! :pinch: Wish, wish I coulda been there! :tongue: Glad y’all had fun!


Terrific photos and thanks for sharing too!


These were awesome pictures! Thanks, Wishy! :c)

It was great to meet you! :c) :wub:


Awww! I’m jealous! I wanna go to a Meet and Greet now, but my mom would probably have a quiet fit about it. :sad:

Looks like you guys had so much fun… :heart: Anyone wanna meet and greet in Savannah? :laugh:


What great pictured…what a great bunch of DCers! You must have had a fantastic time meeting with each other. Cant’s wait to read and see more.


Oh Wish, PLEASE go back and put subtitles with those pictures. I know most of the people there, but there are 2 or 3 I can’t figure out.

It looks like you guys had a wonderful meet. I’m so jealous!


Ditto! I’m starting to get jealous of all these Meet 'n Greets. :sad:


Wait, I thought I Did put subtitles?!?! Let me go check. I will fix it if not :happy:


Great Pictures Wish! So glad everyone had a good time. I am so sorry I didn’t get to see more DC’ers while we were there, maybe next time.