May 15-16th


We’ll be going down on May 15-16th and staying at the Pop to buy our passes!!!

I’m so extremely excited it kinda hurts! But in a good nonpainful sort of way. I guess it really doesn’t hurt at all. Hah.


Awww, YAY!!! That’s so exciting! You deserve a nice few days in Disney with your family! :heart: I SOOO wish I could say “hello” to you then but I’ll be here in NJ :sad:. No Disney trip planned until June, and that’s the whole other coast. :laugh:

Have fun! I am so excited for you!


Hooray for you! Enjoy.


Thats great, have fun


I’m glad you made the choice to get season passes and also have the time to enjoy a quick trip to WDW while getting them… :mickey:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Good for you!! Have a great time…wish I could get down to see you all!


Good for you!!


Aw yay Erin, I might see you!! :wub:


That’s great, Erin!! Have a great time!


Sounds like fun!!


Very cool that you’ll be able to make a quick trip to get your season passes!


Thats’ great! And so soon too. Have fun!


Thanks! We can’t wait!!!

Did you know that like, every room is booked?* What is up with that craziness?

*slight exaggeration


I might have to extend my stay…


Really? We’re arriving the 15th as well, although we’re staying until the 19th. Maybe we’ll see you!


If by the word “might” you mean “definitely” - I agree! you SHOULD ‘definitely’ extend your stay!!! :heart:


I think you should consider coming to visit me. At least entertain the thought momentarily!! :c)


Um, I think it may be time to start booking your flight…


:laugh: Do you know HOW much school my children have missed in the last two years on Disney trips? :laugh:

Seriously, it was fun hangin’ with ya!


Erin nice to see you!

What a great time of year to be there!!! Be sure to run over to the Italy Pavilion during the F&G and get really, really close to the potted plants to see how nice they smell!!! (wink wink) LOL