Hi Everyone

This will be my first trip report, so sorry if it is not what you are all used to but I will try my best!

This first post will be quite short as I gotta go visit my gran in hospital soon but I will make a start now!

Ok the original Trip plan was:-
May 17th fly out of London Gatwick, take Magical Express to WL, stay at WL concierge for 3 Nights, move to the Poly on May 20th to stay there until May 24th!

Tuesday May 16th we head up to the Airport which is a 4 hour trip, to stay in the hotel a night before we fly. Earlier in the morning I had to visit the Doctor because I was suffering with a virus and had bad asthma, although he told me I was probably ok to fly so we set off.

We got to the airport, checked into our room and made ourselves comfortable to get ready for the next day. We then checked our bags in with the airline and went back for some sleep and get ready for the flight the next day. However, that night my asthma got worse and the next day I was in no state to fly. So off we went down to the terminal to collect my luggage to have it taken off the plane, luckily the airline said they would fly us on the same flight tomorrow for no extra charge! So this meant even though I would lose some time at Disney, I would have had some extra time to get better. Again we went back to the room and got ready for the flight the next day, now being the 18th!

We Wake up in the morning and my mother has a really bad migrane and is also sick so we head down to the terminal speak to the airline, they off load our bags and again we were not able to fly. Both times they called a doctor who said it would not be wise to fly. Now tensions are rising and all three of us want to get to WDW!!!The airline yet again offer us to travel on the same flight the next day which will now be May 19th so we agree. This time we decide if we are not all ok in the morning then we will not be going!!! However morning comes and we are all ok and board our plane and leave around midday for Orlando. Before taking off we also agree to return from Disney a day later so we would be leaving on May 25th.

Anyway I have to go to hospital now hope this is enough for now! x


oh no. This didn’t get off to a good start. I am so sorry you all had these illnesses…hope this report get some magic in it. I would hate to think that you lost your trip. I can’t wait to hear the out come. On a side note: the airline was really nice about it. I am thrilled that they were so accomidating. :heart:


So sorry you we all feeling so bad. I sure hope this has a happy ending.


Bad start - good finish, I hope.


Sorry to hear about your problems! :sad:

I saw my Mom and Dad off at Gatwick on Christmas Day in '01, put I’m more curious which airline you are using. They seem VERY COOPERATIVE. If I had to guess it would be either British Airways or Virgin Atlantic…

I truly hope you are able to make the flight.


Great writing so far - I’m so sad for you that you and your mom didn’t feel well!! What a bummah!!

I hope you guys ended up having a good trip, anyway!


Awe, so sorry it was such a disappointing start! I hope it has pixie dust in the end!


This is terrible, I hope the magic starts real soon!


Wow, that’s quite a whopper of a Trip Report. I am sorry it started off so badly, but it can only get better from this point on, I hope.

where are you? Isn’t the hospital visit over by now?


Ok sorry for the long delay!! right lets carry on!!1

Ok so we managed to get on the plane! Yea I flew with Virgin Atlantic.
We land around 4:30pm and board the magical express! What a great feeling even though we had a tough time getting there at last we had finally made it.
We head to the Wilderness Lodge for our Concierge night stay and start to relax on the bus.
When we reach the Lodge our bellboy took our carry on luggage and led us to check in and up to the 7th floor to our room. We stayed on the same side of the building as we did in January so we had pretty much the same view as last time which was great and we were higher up so we could see the lagoon and the pool. I knew the cases would not be arriving for a few hours so I ran down stairs and staight into the shop to get a t-shirt (A tradition for me) I use the fact my case being late as an excuse to buy disney clothes. I bought an orange stripey top which I had not seen in January. The guy at the cash register was all happy and ready for a disney chat, but I felt so yuck and in need of a shower I said I would be back later to chat and buy more things!!
Back upstairs Mam and Dad had already made their way to get their nibbles from the concierge lounge, whilst I took a few photos before having a shower. After my shower I headed to find them, it was nice that our room was just around the corner from the concierge dining area so we could just pop back and forth when we wanted.
Around 7pm we were considering going to Epcot to see the illuminations but we thought maybe we could leave it until another night as we were all tired and had to move to the Poly the next day as we had arrived 2 days late in FL. Also we found out the Disney had only charged us for 1 nights accomodation so they only took the deposit we had paid from us and did not expect us to pay for the 2 nights we did not stay. I thought this was quite nice of them!
Mam and I went for a short walk around the lodge, inside and out and then we all headed off to bed. The moment we entered the lodge I remembered straight away why this was one of my most favourite places in the world!

Next morning we were headed for the Poly!!!

There will be photos everyone, sorry for the delay between updates, things have been a bit hectic. More coming up soon


Glad to hear that the trip is starting to have that Disney Magic.


After a bad start is seems as your trip is getting better!


Aaaaaaaah! Much better!!! I can’t wait to see the pictures!


more, More, MOre, MORe, MORE please


After such a terrible start to your trip, I’m so glad it’s all coming together for you! That’s too bad that you had to loose 2 days of your trip, but having flown with a migraine before, I know it’s no fun! I look forward to reading more!! :happy:


So glad your trip improved! Can’t wait for the pictures!