May 17th-24th


Hi Everyone

I am off to wdw on May 17th til may 24th!
Only going for a short trip this time but soooo excited.
Staying at Wilderness Lodge for 3 night (stayed there in january for a few nights and loved it) and staying at the Polynesian for 4 nights (never stayed there before).

I will be posting my trip report when I get back and will try and add photos as well.

I was just wondering whether there was anything you guys wanted me to take any particular photos of to show you e.g. any construction work? or fireworks?(anything?)

Or whether there is anything you want me to look out for?
Or whether you just have any info for me at all!
Thanks :wub:


Hey there! You have yourself a great trip. Please do take notes and post a trip report when you get back. I would love to hear about your stay and see some pictures. Have fun and tell Mickey “hi!” for me!


I would love to see pics of the updated rooms at the Poly if you are lucky enough to stay in one.

Have a great trip!


I have made a request for either the Samoa out house in the Poly or the Tokelau. As far as I am aware though the rooms are not new in the tokelau at the moment, however I will try my best to get some photos of the new designs!


Hope you get the room you want. I would love to see the new rooms too. I stayed there a few trips ago and would love to see how they have changed.


Yeah, take LOTS of pictures!! Have a great time! I can’t wait to read about it when you come home!


Have a wonderful time and thanks for the offer to take pictures! I don’t care what you take pictures of - just take LOTS! (My oddest picture request was a sticky bun at Tusker House).


Hi Everyone

I spoke to Disney last night (I love talking to them on the phone). We phoned them because we were wondering whether any conceirge was available for either WL or the Poly.
Anyways, turns out the WL conceirge had become available for the 3 nights we are there and the Poly only had Con. for the last 3 nights of our stay but not for the 1st night. Whilst the girl on the phone had made sure she booked us for WLCon, she tried to get us a 4 night con. at the poly during these 5 mins she told us that the original 3 nights had also gone!!
so we still have our standard room at the Poly and a WL Concierge. I am thrilled because I have stayed and WL before but never concierge and cant wait to go to the Poly because I have neer stayed there before!
Anyway I will post loads of photos from both resorts and the parks, I will try and get photos of a new room at the poly too if possible
Thanks :wink:


Hey. Welcome to DC. I’m actually gonna be down there at the same time, 17-29 May. If you see me, hollar at me. :biggrin:


Where abouts are you going to be staying???

I am so excited a week today and I will be there!!!
My magical express tickets arrived yesterday which made me even happier. I had to give them a call because they sent them to Canada instead of sending them to my address for some reason?!?!? But they have arrived safe and sound now!

I cant wait to smell that disney smell!!!

Lots of pics and a trip report will be posted although it will be my first trip report so not sure what it will be like! lol :excl:


7 nights is short??? I wish!


Hi Everyone not long now til I go!!! only a few days!!!

I have had no luck with changing my Polynesian room to a Lagoon View or concierge but nevermind. I am sure a garden view will still be great!

I bet the 7 days of my trip are going to whizz by, also this time I am determined to try soarin and try and find the epcot coke place because my last 4 trip I have not been able to find it once. Also all the fast passes for soarin had gone when I was last in epcote in Dec/Jan.

I have had a look at the weather forecast for my stay but I am not sure whether to start believing it yet until it gets a little closer to the time!