May 2008 / All-Star Sports


This is my first trip report, enjoy it!:wub:

Me - 17
DBF - 20
DPP(pop-pop) - 63
DMM - 64

Day One 5/11/08
After sixteen hours of being in a car we just wanted to get to our resort give everything to the bell hops and go right to the parks! So, that’s exactly what we did. DBF and me knew that we’d be spending most of our time alone since my DPP & DMM like taking it slow and they understood that we didn’t want to sit in the resort everyday.
I wanted to stay at All-Star Movies but my pop-pop said All-Star Sports, and it was too late to change it :huh: I’m not a fan of sports at all so I was pretty upset. All I kept saying was that I wanted Surfing… definitly not football, if we get football I’m leaving. Well of course we get football, and I didn’t leave haha. I haven’t stayed at an all-star resort in a decade, and even then we just stayed there the day before we checked into our actual hotel.
I was so surprised by how nice the rooms were. When we got to our rooms (Disney gave us a complimentary room!), my pop pop went for the first one and started complaining that they didn’t make anything handicap accessible. So when DBF and me go into our room, everything is handicap accessible:angry:. My pop pop’s girlfriend doesn’t want to switch… so we were pissed. Even though we had a king bed and a bigger bathroom. I like taking baths :glare:. She’s not a very nice lady lol.
When we went to MGK we came in under the bridge to the left, because I knew I had to use the bathroom and I did not want him seeing the castle without me! So I made him wait right outside, and I hurried to wash my hands and we filmed him seeing the castle for the first time since he was ten. The first ride we rode was POTCB. It was Sean’s first trip there in a decade, and I can’t have that being a big Disney person and everything. And Pirate’s is his favorite movie so I made sure he did that first. We rode all the rides in Frontierland, Liberty Square and Adventure Land.
Then we went to Tony’s Town Square for Dinner. I had a ceasar salad and spaggetti. Their ceasar salad is the best! My pop pop and Shirley were with us for that.
That night there were extra magic hours until 1am so we got mostly everything done. We did a lot of running and just having a lot of fun! Now I know how parents must feel… the faces he was making were priceless. I loved every minute of it!


Great TR… Cute pics… I stayed at ASsports once and loved it. We had the Surfs up building.


We were there the same time as you. :smile:


We were there May 13-22. Same time as you.


Great TR start. Like the L & T pic of you and your DB :heart::wub:

Cant wait to


Great start…can’t wait to hear more.

And how on earth did you manage to get a free room? :confused:


Great TR so far. I like the Lady and the Tramp moment.