May 31 to June 4th


Does anyone know what is going on during that time?? I know Star Wars Weekend but I was wondering about anything else like Grad Night or something along those lines???

We would like to go down for a 5 day trip to shake the crappy weather off but really don’t want to run into anything like I mentioned above…

Thanks is advance!


I think Grad Night is usually in April so you’re clear there.
We’ve been twice in early June and I think it’s a great time to go! The weather is hot, but it’s not like August. SWW does make HS more crowded than usual but if you aren’t interested just go to another park that day. In my experience the other parks are a bit slower during SWW days.


We’ve gone during that time twice and loved it. The crowds tend to be a little lower than the rest of the summer and the weather is usually pretty nice. The Flower and Garden Festival is usually still going on then but I think I read the dates changed a little this year.