May Crowds?


The Family and I arrive May 7th, This will be our first official May visit, We’ve done April, September, and August but never May. What can I (We) expect ???
Thanks Gang! … WALL:cool:


Early May is OK for lighter crowds. Schools across the southeast are just beginning to get out mid May into early June. We have done mid and end of May and have seen a great increase towards the end of May.


We will be there on the 10th. May crowds should be very managable. I love May at Disney. I hope Rowdy sees this he would know.


I am here as we speak and the crowds aren’t bad at all!! 40 mins at soarin’ today and to me that’s great!!


40 minutes. I have never seen it that short.


Last May (well and the May before) we did the last week with both my 80+ year old grandma’s. We’ve never had any trouble. The crowds aren’t January levels, but they are quite managable. Its also a great time of year weather wise and Flower and Garden is beautiful! Have fun!


I have been a few times in May, April, June and once in March. We will be returning at the end of May (as indicated by my countdown)
For the most part May is a good month to go but crowds can get large. May is one of those strange months that consistently is inconsistent. As mentioned in another post crowds have been manageable since the Easter mob when MK needed to close the gates. We will be going over the Memorial day weekend and crowds can be a lot heavier at that time compared to the reset of the month.


May is our favorite time to go. The crowds are very manageable and the weather is great. I experienced the same wait times as momofaprincess; 40 - 45 minutes for Soarin tops.


May is my favourite time to go. It is usually moderate - not dead, but not insane. Enjoy your trip!


For the last two years, we have gone in May. The weather and the crowds are very manageable.


I was there this weekend . . . the park was full, but the wait times were around 10-25 minutes-not bad at all.

It was very HOT though, close to 90 degrees. A little unusual for this time of year . . . I always go around Mother’s Day, since the crowds are low and the weather is great! :happy:


Thanks Gang… Seeing our little girls face see the Castle again makes this trip “Magical”. She could sit all day in front of it and be content… I think me and the wife could too! The Weather Channel keeps going back and forth about the weather, being from Kentucky is about the same, The saying is “If you don’t like the weather…stick around…It will change”. The next two days waiting to go will be the slowest two days EVER!!! Hope to see some of the Buzz group out there, I’ll be the one with the huge smile on my face and a sunburn on top of my large cranium!!! Thanks again … you guy’s rock!!!


We did January this year, but normally we go in May. It should be VERY manageable regarding crowds. January we only waited in line once (Soarin’ was 35minutes), but we’ve not waited much more than that for anything in May either.

January was just a bit too cool for the pool for us, but May was great temperature-wise,


In 2003 and 2004, we went in May and both trips were great. In 2004, there was a mild heat-wave that hit (it was later in the month) and the last day we were there, the crowds picked up, but not too bad.

I would agree that May is probably one of the best times of the year to go.