May I use skype in Disney's All Star Music?


As I know international calls cost a lot I’m thinking on using skype to call my family when I’m in USA, of course that if I have to pay 10$ day for using Internet it’s still expensive.

I wondered if there is a free wi-fi hotspot in the All Stars Music Looby (I still wonder that, if someone can tell me)

I googled a little and found herethis info:

EPCOT - In the Lotus Blossom Cafe which is just at the back of the Nine Dragons restaurant in China.The signal seems to be stronger near the back of the cafe, it’s called Warpdrive.

EPCOT - Innovations East

Downtown Disney - Inside Wolfegang Pucks Express

Downtown Disney - The cigar bar (Sosa Family Cigars) right next to Raglan Road, just opposite the Harley Davidson Shop. Pretty strong signal even outside the bar

Downtown Disney - Outside The House of Blues. There are a couple here

Beach Club Hotel - In the lobby and pool area

The Boardwalk - Around the area where you get the boat (Might be available in the Boardwalk hotel also, but I can’t remember for sure)

Contemporary - Right outside the Fantasia shop on the same floor as Chef Mickeys

Coronado Springs - In the convention centre area. Not sure if this one was only available because there were conventions going on, although it was still available a half hour or so after the conventions had finished

The Apple Store at Florida Mall

Orlando International Airport, mainly around the shopping area

Can anyone confirm this?
If so, are there any other free wi-fi hotspots in Disney’s parks?[/


As far as I know the hotel hot spots are not free. They are also $10 for 24 contiguous hours of internet access.


How about the other spots in the list?


The ones at DTD in the shops may be free. $10 a day for internet really isn’t all that bad…heck of a lot cheaper than the calls.


I’d try for the free ones too. I would imagine OIA and Florida Mall probably are free hot spots - I regularly use Skype and for international calls its so cheap compared to my telephone company. I have an app which searches for free wifi which I plan to use when I am away, it works very well here so should in the USA too. Good luck and let us know what you find.


Could you tell us which app is that and where to find it?


Also be sure that app is written for your phone.


Yes of course, my app is called iwifi and it is for the Apple Iphone. I use it on holiday here in the UK and its pretty accurate most of the time. I haven’t used it in the USA (yet) however, I have used it in Europe and it works well there too.
I am sure there would be other wifi search apps available in the App store, I chose that one as someone recommended it to me.