May is finally final~


Ok everyone. I just got off the phone with WDW for the zillionth time this week. I finally made the plans final and have only $300.00 left to pay which I will do when I get paid on friday. So here is the plans. Let me know what you all think of the dining ressies…

5-21 Wed 5-26 Monday

Me(Kate) and Madison (DD 6) <— will celebrate her 7th there.

DH and DD9 will be on a fishing trip (thank god)

Staying at Pop century standard room with free upgrade on hoppers and waterpark and more.
Will be using ME

Here is the dining choices…

5-21 1900 park fare for dinner. Madison has never been there with the sisters and Lady Termaine

5-22 WCC for dinner.

5-23 Ohanna’s for dinner

5-24 Princess story book dinner

5-25- LTT we both have never been here before.

So let me know what you all think… Im thinking now looking at it I may need to change the Princess dinner for another night due to spectro magic


Your plans look good! What a great trip for your daughter, I’m sure it will be a special memory for her since it’s just the two of you.


Your plans sound awesome!


I hope you’re flying this time. :tongue:


Oh yes we are!! I have $208 credit with SWA so Im waiting for the perfect dings! I booked 5-15 5-20 but changed it when I purchased air leaving Orlando on 5-15 not going:wacko:


Thanks DT! I have been wanting to go just the 2 of us for some time now and finally we can. Im thinking about getting just the 2 of us Ap’s since DH and Megan DD9 doesnt like to go as much


Looks good . . . switch out the Princess dinner for the breakfast . . . way better food!! :laugh: plus then you can walk around the world and see all the characters in the different countries, she make make a kidscot mask, etc.

This next trip will be great . . . the DDs and I are going up Easter weekend and we are planning and planning our days . . . so fun!! :mickey:


I completely agree with mickeysgirlz on switching the breakfast.

Have a great trip and enjoy your special mom and daughter time!:heart:


Thanks guys! I hated the dinner and really didnt want to do it again but Im going to book the breakfast so I can be in and out of Epcot quick! Thanks!


If I cant switch will the characters still be out during the day in the countries?


Oh, that sounds like so much fun. You’re going to have a blast, especially after your “friend” trip.


they look great I always wanted to try 1900 park fair


Sounds like a good trip ahead! Looking forward to hearing about it.