May-June crowd info


Ouch!! Looks to be busier than I thought.


Lets just hope they are wrong!


Ach! That makes me sick! I pulled my kids out of school because it was listed as 3s the whole time we were going to be there. Now they’ve changed it to 7s and even an 8! I could have waited until school got out and actually had lower days. :mad:


I’m not convinced that they’re using a very scientific method. There’s no way to tell how to correllate users of one website to total park attendance.

I’m very suspicous of these numbers, especially when I look at the beginning of May. It’s NEVER very busy during that time of year.

I think someone is trying to give their website more credit than it deserves.

Honestly, seeing as I was able to get AP rates so many weeks after they had been announced, my suspicion is that it’s not going to be extraordinarily busy in June, but if it is? So what? I’ll deal. :mickey:


LABride, we are doing the same thing as to avoid the crowds. Hopefully their calculations are wrong.

I am trying to think positive. The celebration is for 18 months. Hopefully people will think it will be too crowded the first month and go another time. Ha ha ha, if we may be so lucky.


I feel your pain. This is very dissappointing, and the very reason we go in May is to avoide the crowds.

I hope they are wrong. It does seem a bit much to have crowds that large in May no matter whats going on.


That’s what I was wondering. Why would the crowds but so large starting in mid-April? Easter is long past, spring breaks should pretty much be over and you would think people would wait until after the start of the 50th celebration. I’ve got to hope that they’ll miss this as badly as they missed the March 30th estimate.


Can’t wait to hear back from some people that go the first week of May.


I also checked on rooms a week ago for the post card rate that I got. And they were still available, in early may. So lets just keep our fingers crossed it isn’t too bad.



I don’t think that Disney is going to let ALL the rooms be discounted. So, if discounted rooms are still available, it CAN’T be crowded.


I’ll be there the end of April through May 5th and will hopefully report back that they were way off! Is anyone there this week that can let us know if they got the mid-April estimates correct?


Theres no way to tell really…but if you get sad because of big crowds…just think of it this way…your IN DISNEY WORLD!!


We went last weekend (Sat night and all day Sun. April 9-10) and it was not bad at all. We did not wait long for anything. SM looked about 25 min wait in the afternoon Sun, but it was better later. We are hoping it will be the same in 3 weeks when we go for 5 days. I was thinking it would not be bad with the kids still in school here in Fl and like MerlinMatt said about the room discounts… I added an extra night with my AP discount just about 2 weeks ago with no prob, so I am thinking it wil not be very crowded.


I’m with you all. I didn’t want to say anything, but like some of you, we’re pulling our kids out of school a little early (although my oldest wil be back in school for the last 2 days of that week) … and finding the level 3 crowds made me VERY happy. Now all of a sudden jumping to a 7/8??? Now jumping to a FIVE maybe, but a 7/8?? That’s CRAZY.

I know everyone says “Oh relax, it’s Disneyworld!” but that’s easier in theory than practice. I mean, if it’s gonna be 7/8 I wanna KNOW so I can plan accordingly. I’m going to go regardless, but if that’s the case, I want to be sure I’m PREPARED, hence the anxiety people are having over it.

I REALLY REALLY hope he’s wrong.

And if he is? I hope he realizes how much faith people will lose in that service. :pinch:


I don’t believe this!!! I was expecting maybe 30 minute waits for the E-ticket rides, but now it sounds like 60 to 90 minutes. It’s very dissappointing. I hope that he is wrong, but if not, we will be crushed.


I tried to get an extra room for my parents (Fl residents) for the 2nd week of May and had a bit of difficulty. I expressed my concern about crowd levels to the CM and she said that there was a lot of press events and conventions during that time and that it shouldn’t impact the parks that much. I hope she is right!


That’s my problem - the lack of planning. I’ve been using the Unofficial Guide as my bible and it said that if it’s 3 or under you really don’t need a touring plan. SO I DON’T HAVE A PLAN! Silly me, I thought we’d just hit the high points and let the rest happen when it did. Now I’m 10 days away from going and not only to I have to do all the physical stuff like gather supplies and pack but I also have to plan my park days. I could have dealt with this better with more notice since I don’t do last minute well (and yes, to me this is last minute!) I was really looking forward to a more relaxed visit but as Cinderbella pointed out I will be in Disney World. I’ve suffered equally big crowds for a lot less fun!


Exactly why I psoted this. Didn’t want to get anyone down, just wanted everyone to be prepared, just in case.


Thank you so much! I don’t really know if I would have checked the crowd estimate again before leaving. I just assumed it was a pretty sure thing that time of year. I can’t imagine how unprepared, not to mention surprised :eek: , I would have been our first day at the parks! It may be a little more hectic but I imagine that’s part of the whole experience! :mickey:


My DH, DD and I visited WDW last June 4-June 14 and it was extremely crowded!!! Fast passes for Splash Mtn were gone for the day by 11 am the one day. While making PS, the CM’s told us on the phone that it wasn’t going to be crowded at all…but they couldn’t have been more wrong. CM’s at the parks told us they hadn’t seen it that crowded since 9/11. Combined w/the heat…it was miserable. BUT again, I was at WDW so we sucked it up, learned a lesson and will never, ever go again in June.