May or July?


I am starting to think about our next trip and our choices are May or July/August. If we go in May it will depend on snow days again and one or two would really cut our trip short. If we wait until my DH finishes his summer courses we would have 2 full weeks before we had to be back for him to start baseball practice.

Right now our May trip would start on 24th (resport card day–1/2 day of school) and end on June 3rd. It would be 11 days with a late arrival and an early flight out our last day so really 9 days in the parks. This would also be stressful planning because of snow days, I coudln’t buy airline tickets until at least March (and even that wasn’t late enough last year!!).

A July trip would start after my DH finishes giving his finals on July 23rd and we would have to be home no later than the August 5th. This trip could be 14 days if we used every day for the trip (fat chance of that getting by my DH!) but I’m sure my DH would want to be back a day early so he could have a day to rest before he had to start baseball practice.

We really liked going in May last year. The crowds were lower and it was cooler than July but if we wait until July we could have a longer trip. What would you do?


I’d say May if you can swing it. Weather and crowd-wise it’s much calmer.


I would go with May. Even though it will be a shorter trip, because of the lower crowds you should actually be able to get more done.

Summer is manageable, but still crazy. Even with more days you have to deal with longer lines for things like bathrooms and counter service on top of ride lines. Plus there are more people to navigate through when you are walking from place to place, more people on the buses and so on.

To me, smaller crowds = more fun!


I agree, May is so much calmer than July. I think I’ll start plannig a May trip and move it to July if we get snow days that cut the trip short. I couldn’t believe how low the crowds were in May and it was so much cooler, it was nice not to be soaked in sweat all the time.


I totally agree! With the difference in crowds, you might be able to do almost as much in 9 days in May as you can in 14 in July! Good luck! I’ll pull for no snow days for you!!


i think may would be a nice month to go, probably not as hot as july would be. i would like to go in may sometime too.:rolleyes:


Thanks! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another mild winter and no snow days. We got lucky and only had one last year so I’m not sure it will happen two years in a row but I can hope.

Another factor is if we go with friends. We haven’t talked about it but it’s unwritten that we vacation together every summer. May is out for our friends so if they want to go to WDW this summer then we’ll have to go in July.


Steph, this is always such a dilemma, aye? Worrying about snow days, trying not to catch crowds etc. DH and I have been thinking all morning how we could possibly work the Vegas/PS/DL thing in June, but like you, it’s so dependant on how many snow days we have, etc…

My vote would always be for May, but to avoid the stress of possibly cutting your trip short b/c you might have to stay at work longer I would most likely just book it in late August. I would rather have a DEFINATE amount of days that WILL work, than worrying about a short trip b/c of work.


I hear ya about the stress, it was hard to plan our trip last May–I worried for months.

Late August sounds almost as good as May but we go back to school August 22 or so every year. Our biggest problem is working with only two times during the year that my DH can get away. He teaches a summer course form June 6th through July 23rd and then baseball starts on August 6th, we either have to go before or after his summer courses.


I’m always for the more days in Disney the better,so I would go for the July dates.


Just got back from a trip in August. Will not be returning in August again. Choose May, have less days but more fun, getting on many more rides, and not having every kind of make of shoe on your toes 24 hours a day!


I would say May…but spending more time @ WDW in July sounds tempting :biggrin: I am sooooooooooo used to the heat that I would pick July but go in May since there are almost no crowds… Good Luck


Thanks! It’s a tough choice–May with cooler weather and lower crowds or a bit longer trip in July with HOT weather and big crowds.

I want to plan a May trip but honestly I don’t see another winter with no snow days so most likely we will go in July.


Tough decision… Being a teacher in the same boat, I think I’d plan for August. Yes, it’s very hot in August, but some days in May can be hot, too. Longer trip in August gets my vote.


I think May would be a nicer choice… It seems more relaxing because of less crowds, etc.


For me, it’d be May. I LIVE in FL and I have no desire to go to WDW in July (okay…so I have a little desire to go EVERYDAY…but realistically…) The cooler weather (even if only a little bit) and smaller crowds get my vote.


I think I would plan for May and play it by ear. If the winter seems like it is going to have too many snow days, you can always change it. Here’s to hoping that you have a mild winter again this year. I definitely will not miss the freezing winters. I just hope I can make it through hurricane season this year in Houston.


Thanks for all the advice, I’m still not totally sure but May is looking good right now. It may change with snow days or if our friends want to go with us this year. They can’t go in late May so I would put the trip off until they could join us in July.


may is a great time to be there…