"May" the force be with us


A sort of unconventional trip report. I am going to stream some of our trip. I will also post pics on my Facebook. Vids will be here:
Vacation on Livestream

Can’t guarantee how well it will work but here goes.


Exciting! Take plenty of footage of the new areas:) pretty please!


How cool is that? I will follow along - very creative way to report your adventures!


Have fun! I’ll be watching…


Awesome! Even got queasy on Dumbo. How is that for realistic?
Are you taking requests? I would love to see the entrance to the new fantasyland and surrounding areas… :slight_smile:


oooo what fun. I love this. I especially like the ME videos—I love it when we are on our way to POFQ on the ME—so exciting at that point—almost there!!!


I am in AK right now and my signal is poor, preventing me from doing vids here. Perhaps a walk through of new Fantasyland this afternoon. If I am lucky I will get Gastin to share some wisdom with us.


Find the wifi spots at Epcot… I bet the new fantasyland has wifi too! :slight_smile:


Oops sorry. I read that wrong. Not sure what my brain was doing. Don’t think AK has wifi yet…


They are really good! Loved the Dumbo and inside the ME too- keep em coming please.


Great job. very good idea.Thanks


I’m lucky I most certainly will obtain Gastin to talk about a few wisdom with us.