May Trip and Resort Change


We are all set to go to WDW at the end of May for WDW our vacation. We might also do another small one in the fall.

Our plans are:

DW will be at the Home School Convention in Orlando from 5/21 thru 5/24.
I will be packing up the van, and the kids and I will meet DW on the 24th.
We only live 63 miles away so the drive is not bad at all.
We’ll spend the day checking out curriculum on the convention floor then we will be checking into the Buena Vista Suites for that night only. I got a pretty good rate of $99.00 a night for a 1 bedroom suite that sleeps 6 and this is to save DVC weekend points.
On Sunday we are checking into a 2 bedroom villa at the Saratoga Springs Resort for 1 night then moving to the same accommodations at the Boardwalk Villas for 4 nights.

I am wait listed for Sunday at BWV but if it doesn’t come through, I was wondering how do you go about getting moved from resort to resort? Will the resort do that for us or do I have to move our stuff?

This is the first time that we have changed resorts during one stay and I do not exactly know how moving your luggage is handled.

By the way our original trip was 5/26 thru 5/30 at SSR with a waitlist for BWV. I added on the 25th a few days later.
The waitlist for the first reservation came through so I guess there is hope.

As far as ADR’s are concerned, I only made 2 and the rest will be counter service or eating in our DVC Villa to save money.

Lunch at Le Cellier
Dinner at Boma


Your plans sound terrific- can’t help with resort move but I am sure someone else can.


I would think it depended on your resorts and level of service. We went on our honeymoon (concierge GF) and I forogt a pillow in the non Disney hotel we stayed at after arriving early. They went right over and took care of it for me.
This year we stayed at CBR when again arriving early and didn’t really unload the car so we just took care of it ourselves. But I am pretty sure places like the BW and SSR can certainly take care of it for you. I would call and make sure it was all set prior, so they have all your info and are prepared for doing so.