May trip


We were thinking of taking a trip to disney in may since my 2 daughters are both in college now and get out the first week in may and we just figured we could take my 9 year old son out of school for a week then. We usually go at the end of august but the timing will work out better if we go in may. How are the crowds though? What week do the florida kids get out of school? We want to beat the rush of people there so we were thinking the 2nd or 3rd week of may. Is it expensive then? Anyone that has gone then and knows anything that might help it would be great to hear from you. Please and thank you:mickey:


My past two trips have been in May, one during the first week of May and one towards the end of May like the third week. We ran into a lot of school groups taking day trips during the end of our third week trip though. The crowd level is generally fantastic, not too crowded and not too light. One year the longest wait time was 45 min, this past year it was a little longer depending on the attraction. Use the Fastpass system and your rollin. The weather is beautiful only rained once in the two years we’ve been going. The average temperature is in the upper 80’s. I didn’t really notice a big price difference but it did seem a little cheaper than peak peak season like June, July and August.


We were there last May, from the 11th to the 17th. The crowds weren’t as busy as the summer months, but still it was busy. I noticed the wait time for Peter Pan was around 55 minutes w/o fast pass during the middle of the day. The weather was in the mid to high 80’s. It rained only once or twice the entire trip.

I took my oldest son out of school for the trip. He was still in elementary school, so I didn’t think he would miss too much. I did however ask his teacher for extra work if she felt he needed it. He had a coule of papers that he completed on the plane ride down.

I believe it is regular season for the resorts. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. We did however get a good discount w/ our AAA card, 20% off the room per night. I would probably do May again. It wasn’t blistering hot and the weather waas very nice.

Have a good time planning your trip, that’s half the fun!!


School let out the Friday of Memorial Day weekend here in Miami-Dade county so the holiday weekend was packed. But we still had a good time hitting Epcot and AK.


We were at WDW last May from the 24th -June 2 and the crowds were great at the start of our trip and slowly built as we got closer to the holiday weekend. Even with a holiday weekend in our trip we still didn’t think the waits were bad or the crowds too much. We didn’t wait in any long lines (we used a lot of fastpasses even when we really didn’t need to) and got to do what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it.

I would take another late May trip again any year, it was so much nicer than our usual late July/early August trips.


We use to call in the fall and went in May for the first time 5/10-21/2004 and then again 5/11-22/2005, both times taking our DS 8yo first time out of school. Have to say it was the best time we have ever had at WDW. The temps are mid to high 80’s during the day and high 60’s to low 70’s at night. Both times, only rained once and was during dinner or at night.

We found the crowds to be low and wait times not bad at all. Used FP for Test Track, Sourin, Spash Mt. and Space Mt. only. Found the school trips generally effected EPCOT and AK and weren’t that bad. They usually showed up around 9-10:00 am and were packing it in around 2:30-3:00.

The Flower Garden Festival is going on at EPCOT and is absolutely beautiful. We’ve also caught the first weekend of Star Wars Weekend at MGM both trips and that is fun too.

Would definately recommend going in May!


Glad to know the crowds aren’t that bad. We have a wedding on May 12 in Daytona and I asked DH if I can plan a few days over in WDW, (I just can’t be that close and not go!!).


May is a nice time to go.


We’ve been there the past 5 Mays in a row.

It really is a great time to go. The 2nd or 3rd week has always worked out perfect for us.
We went the first week of May this year and it was actually more crowded.