May vs. August


I’m in pre-planning stages. It’ll be my family and my two friends (and their families) again. Before an hour ago, I thought the hotel was the only issue still up in the air. I was just reminded that the time of year is also up for decision. We went in May and really enjoyed ourselves. Everything was perfect, including the temperature. However, when we returned we tossed around the idea of trying August. Only, I didn’t realize that it was never settled. I had gone in July of 2006 and can imagine how much worse August is. But, I know August has a whole lot of benefits to it, as well. So, I’ve created a list for both months, which lists pros and cons. Please add more to the lists.

moderately priced
moderate weather (ability to see and do more)
moderate to low crowds

children are still in school

least expensive
low crowds
possible free dining (if on-site)

uncomfortable weather (inability to see and do more)

Do you have any more pros or cons which could help me choose one month over the other?



no, I have no cons to add.

I vote for May

You spend a lot of money, free food or not. You might as well enjoy all that you have listed above :wink:


Yeah I can see your dilemma. If it were not for the free dinning I would say May but all the food. Whew! I just got back two weeks ago and I’m still full. I say if you can get the free dinning (and I put it that way because I thought they were changing the plan around) then go with August. Brave the heat and any teachers wrath. It’s Disney or Bust!!!
Have fun!


A con for May is the Love bugs… Depending on the time in the month you go. We went last year during over memorial Day weekend and they were all over the place. They aren’t harmful just annoying.


I have to suggest to move “low crowds” on the August Pro to a Con and change it to “high crowds” When we went in August, it was incrediably crowded and HOT. As long as your kids are not in high school, I would recommend May.


As far as the weather in August, the weather in NYC can get just as hot and sticky as a Florida in August. Northeast Heat waves really do STINK!!!


I have no idea if Free Dining will still exist in August 2008. I was just being hopeful. However, there is still a large possibility that I will be staying off-site anyway. So, if Free Dining is my only selling point for August, I may have to stay with May.


I went in early May and the lovebugs were out. They were extremely annoying. But, not enough to reconsider the month of May.


I loooooove May. I’ve gone twice mid month and didn’t really see many love bugs; the weather and crowd level were perfect.


Hi DM…

We used to take the kids out of school each trip so we could enjoy May in WDW. We’d go the week before Memorial Day, so we were leaving on Saturday when the big crowds were just arriving for the holiday weekend.

The very best part for me was the Epcot Flower & Garden Show (I am an F&G junkie!). Plus that weather issue is a killer for my kids. DD is especially crabby when she gets hot (sorry, LittleMissDisney!). May for us has always been perfect weather! REALLY perfect.

Once, a gardener CM was putting a few extra pieces of ivy on the topiary of Belle in France. They do it with hairpins and little ivy plugs. She showed us how to do it, and I got to stick a tiny piece of ivy into Belle’s skirt. A favorite memory!

Anyway, if I had the chance to plan a May trip, I would do it without any regard to any other time. Here is a photo of why:


Personally, I prefer May.


I had no idea it was less crowded in August. :blink:


You get my vote for May as well. I have been in May and it was perfect for us. I could not imagine going in August. The heat and long lines do not go well together. Perfect weather and able to do more go together.


Been there both times.

May can be pretty hot but August can be ungodly ESPECIALLY if you are not used to the HIGH humidity and high temp combination.

Schools start earlier there so many of the FL kids are back in school, but it’s still plenty of people in the parks.


We were just there this past August, and I will not not not go in August again. It was really stinkin’ hot, the crowds were pretty big in my opinion, and did I mention it was HOT??!!

I vote for May, lovebugs or not.


We did a convention there end July first Aug couple of years ago. Feedback form asked for BEST part about convention - at WDW.

Also wanted to know WORST part of convention - WDW in August.

They must have gotten ALOT of the same type comment because it was in June the following year!


Oh my! Thanks everyone. I am sold on May.

My two friends and I have 4-year old boys. So, all three will be in preschool and have a bit more flexibility in missing school. One of those two friends also has an 8-year old daughter. It’s because of her that the time of year is questionable. Thankfully, she is an excellent student. So, my friends is going to speak to her daughter’s teacher at next week’s parent-teacher conference and see if they can work something out.


Wow, that’s so cool. AK and MK are my staples. Last year, we tried MGM. I think this year we’ll try Epcot. I’d love to see Flower & Garden show.