May Weather Expectations


We are going to WDW in May 2009 (7th through the 14th). Has anyone visited during this time that can fill me in on how the weather might be? We have gone to WDW in April twice and one time it was beautiful and warm and the other time it did nothing but rain. Our visit during the first week of September was horribly, uncomfortably hot! And our visit in August was very warm but tolerable. I’m hoping we will get some really warm weather so that we can enjoy the water parks. :minnie:


Its beautiful. You can expect 80 degree weather with lots of sun. There may be an occassional rain storm that passes through but they are brief. Out of three trips in May it has only rained once and the shower lasted all but 20 or 30 minutes tops.


May is absolutely beautiful!! It’s warm, sunny and hardly ever rainy. I love it!


It is my favorite time to go. We will be there May 10th - 13th and I can’t wait. The temps are warm but not to hot. It makes swimming a pleasure and the parks as well. That is why we are going back this May.


Not counting our last trip (3 weeks ago) our last three trips were duing the first week of May. Weather was PERFECT! Warm, but not HOT, and cooled down 10-15 degrees at night. Our next trip will probably in May again.

Also, the crowds are very manageable at that time as well.


May is a great time to go. Early May vs. late May / early June, when it gets much warmer. It is usually warm and sunny, and if it does rain (liquid sunshine), it is mostly over in a short time, and dries right up.


I agree with everyone else, May is a great time to go:happy: I wish our next trip could be in May but taking our daughter out of school may not be an option for us any more, she is having a ruff time in some areas(she is in 1st grade)but we will see how she is doing next year…our son on the other hand (3rd grade) would be ok with missing school.

Enjoy your trip in May with your family and welcome to Mousebuzz!:flowers:


May weather in Fl is PERFECT.Warm,sunny,very little rain.Also the crowds at WDW are not bad early may.Have fun!


Another vote for May!! Every trip we’ve done (except for our upcoming trip) has been in May. Hot weather with little humidity. Very little rain. Hardly any crowds. The perfect time for a Magical Trip!

The only reason we changed from May this year is because we were able to get some great flights from an airport closer to home. And, I need to get away from the snow!!!:laugh:



Thanks to everyone for the input on May weather! It sounds like it is going to be just perfect! Which makes me really happy since we just had a huge ice storm here in Louisville, KY where our family lost power for an entire week. And it has been freezing here! Brrrrrr!!

And thanks to all that have welcomed me to MouseBuzz! I’m very excited to be a part of such a wonderful group of folks!


You will absolutely love going in May. Awesome weather, like no rain, crowds are very manageable, the Flower & Garden Festival is going on and the water parks are loads of fun.


Nothing like standing in Epcot (GAA) and watching it rain 5 feet away from us and then go away like it was never there!!! And this was before we started our BEER Walk!!! This was in April of last year … Right MRS. WALL ??? :heart:


May is gorgeous, I’ve been twice recently. The weather is amazing, we were blessed with no rain…for me it got a bit chilly at night but I brought a really light sweater. We usually went near the end of May, though.