Maybe, just maybe


I have a last minute business trip to Asia that I leave for today. Maybe, just maybe I will get to HK Disneyland on Sunday.

If any fellow MBers will be there, let me know. :laugh:

I’ll try and post a few pictures.


Hope you get to go! Looking forward to the pics!


I am posting from the Land of the Bird Flu. Actually I am in Hong Kong after two days in Mainland China.

And I am going to Disneyland tomorrow!!!


[QUOTE=skwak;1132893]I am posting from the Land of the Bird Flu. Actually I am in Hong Kong after two days in Mainland China.

And I am going to Disneyland tomorrow!!![/QUOTE]

How exciting…I hope you can post some pictures for us…have fun!!!


Have a great time. And like others asked, please take lots of pictures.


How fun! Enjoy!


Had a nice time today at Hong Kong Disneyland. It is very small but fine nonetheless. I have some time in the Hong Kong airport so I thought I would share some images now. I am terrible about following up after a trip!

Here is a picture of the front gate as you walk up!


Here are the flowers in front of the Train Station. They were especially nicely done.


The castle is very tiny (I think similar to the US Disneyland) but it is exactly at the end of Mainstreet USA like always. Yes, they have a Mainstreet, USA at HL Disneyland!


Some rides are nearly identical as the Orlando counterpart. I went on Mickey’s Philharmagic and it was exactly the same as in FLA. Some shows/rides are different. They have a Festival of the Lion King show. It is very different and actually tells the story very close to the movie itself. Also the animals are more “Asian”. Simba has some beads in his hair, the giraffe has rings around his neck, etc.


The afternoon parade was more like the MK’s Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it event. It moves and then stops twice along the route to sing songs and kids get out to dance. Some really neat floats.


Another float


And another float


Not sure if this is supposed to be Jack Sparrow but it is pretty hard to make a Chinese Person look like a Pirate from the Caribbean!

The people in the picture are just random Chinese People! :eek:


Outside the park there is a big fountain with statues of all the characters. Again, one of my new friends is in the picture. :slight_smile:


There are Character Meet and Greets as always.


There is an It’s a Small World Ride but it is different inside including having some Disney Characters made into It’s a Small World size/shape. This is a bad picture but it is our pal, Woody!


In Hong Kong they not only have Mickey Ice Creams but also Minnie Ice Creams!


That concludes our slide show. I hope all my fellow MBers enjoyed it!!!


Thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us. I can’t get over how different it looks with all the mountains in the background!!! That’s the first thing that I notice!!!

I’m glad you had a chance to go!