Maybe, just maybe


Ooh, the parade floats look pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Wow- Thank you for the pictures! I have always wondered what it would look like there!


Me, too! The mountains are kind of freaking me out! :laugh:

Love the Minnie Bar! And the Small World stuff with Disney characters is just like Disneyland.

Thank you!


Oh, and I’m thinking that can’t be an official Jack Sparrow, can it? Because forget the features, that makeup and hair are completely amateur hour.


Thank you for sharing! I love seeing pictures of all the different Disney parks!


Awesome share thank you. I want to try a Minnie bar!!!


Thanks for sharing those great photos. I doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity to go there so I enjoyed looking very much.


Should have brought us some Minnie bars, lol!


Thanks for the pics.