Maybe this has already been posted, but


Did everyone see the “Year of A Million Dreams” announcement on Allears?


Yes, it looks very cool. I’m sure we’ll go but not until next summer. I can’t wait to hear what kinds of things happen.


I did read about this and I’m looking forward to hearing more. I can’t wait to see the ads on TV. I guess this means we HAVE to go back next year - I’ll start working on DH right now!!! :wink:


A possible night at Cindy’s!!! Do you think she has silk sheets??? :happy:


I read that! That would be so exciting, my DS would even think it was cool.


How cool!!! That answers my question in the other thread about what celebration is starting on 10/1!!


Just think, if Disney is planning on granting 1 million dreams in a year, that breaks down to 2730 wishes per day, if you go further to break it down to the four parks, that would be 684 per park or roughly 57 wishes per hour based on a 12 hour park day. I’m sure that the resorts and the water parks ect. will get in on this to so maybe not quite so many, but with those kinds of odds, I have to like my chances. :wub:


Those are pretty good odds!!! :happy:


Just to let you all know to not bother entering cuz I’m gunna win anyway :tongue:


Oh my gosh!!! It actually makes me think I can win something. I will be booking next years trip in the next few weeks!!! Can’t miss this celebration!!!


No you’re not!!! I’m gonna win!!! :tongue: :tongue:


I entered… that would be nice to win!
I could just extend my vacation a few more days since we are supposed to leave on oct 1st!


I missed it because I’ve been away from the computer for a few days, but there was a great two page spread in today’s USA Today! :happy:


Us too! But I could hang out a few more days… no problem!!


Catfish and Mickaholic are both wrong!!! I’m going to win. We’ll have moved to Florida by that time and I’m prepared to go there every day if I have to!!


Oh, and Cindy’s sheets are satin, of course


With those odds I am willing to bet that someone on DC will win!


I hope so! I can’t wait for a DCer to make that thread!!! How exciting!


Erin, I was thinking the same thing! Wouldn’t that be soooooo cool?!!!


You are all wrong. I am going to win. They are going to make my wish come true and that is for me to live in cindy’s castle for the rest of my natural born life with an never ending supply of disney dollars. I would gladly be trapped in the MK forever with an optional “hopper” day twice a week…lol. My family can visit me in the mk if they want to see me bad enough LOL