MB Countdown question


How come we can’t have more than one countdown? Is that possible, am I just missing something?

It would rock if we could have more than one. :angel:


You’re not missing anything, it’s limited to one.


any specific reason why? I am just curious, cause I think a lot of people used to have 2-3.


I don’t know why, it may be a limit of the new software.


I think I remember Mickey saying this would be less stress on the new site. Not sure of the set up or how it would help, but yeah… one countdown.


one countdown is better than none. i remember the pain we all felt when we didn’t have any countdowns…


I concur Wish, I’d love to have more than one too. Before it used to be just code that would generate the countdowns, so you could just insert as many of them as you wanted.

I’m happy with at least one though. :happy:


I agree, one countdown is better than none, but I actually came into this thread so I could figure out how to add a second countdown…then I saw this about only one. Oh well…


I’ve been looking for a quality (and free) countdown programme for my desktop. Done lots of surfing but never found a decent one. Anybody know any links to a good one that is nice and flashy and lets you add your own pics?