MB to the rescue-partly


I can’t believe it! I’m the planner. Everyone turns to me for all the information and I have everything planned and details recorded. This last girls trip I was patted on the back for all I had done.
I LOST OUR ADR’s! :eek::crying:
It’s not in any of my info which is where it ALWAYS is. I also have a hard copy on the computer. This time I saved it to a disk…which for some reason isn’t there now, even though I checked it after saving it to it. :confused:
So atleast I posted my ADR’s for eveyone…that is the only way I have any info. But now I can call Disney Dining and tell the the place and day and they should be able to give me the times and reservation #…RIGHT???
I can’t believe this happened.
Am I losing my touch?!?!?
My family wants me to apply for the Moms Panel but now I have doubted myself…plus I think I missed it.


Basically if you made them all under the same phone number all you’ll have to do is give them that and they can read them all back to you!
Don’t worry…we make these thing so far in advance we are bound to loose them!


Exactly, I made them as soon as posible and then just got back from girls vaca and tried to get into family vaca mode…nothing there!
Thanks so much for the info! Atleast now I will know half of what I’m doing when I call them. I’m sick and trying to stay in bed to get better…that’s why I’ve actually found time to do these idle-ish things. LOL


I lost all the info I had for my adrs and I called Disney Dining and they gave me all of the info. Also remember you can go to the resorts concierge desk and they can give you a print out of all of them. Oh, and just to let you know too. The applications for Disney Moms starts tomorrow, so you haven’t missed it at all!


As everyone has posted, a simple call to WDW-DINE should get you the information you’ve lost. Another thing I do is print a hard copy of my current planner document when major changes, like ADR numbers and times, are added or changed.


I only realized I lost it when I went to put them into my new phone…BBCurve so I could take better pics at Disney, LOL. I guess I could check my old phone but I doubt I put them in yet. Thanks for the info.
angell1975-oh I thought my Mom told me they were over tomorrow, how good am I doing! Thanks, but can I be honest, I’m not to think I’m worthy of anything anymore. I use to go on job interviews knowing I could be a great candidate, now I’m so scared and always need that extra push to do things. I think I may be more afraid of not getting it because of how many people actually try to get in.