MB/DC Mascot Bear


Hey there. I was sitting here looking at some old posts and couldnt find anything new on the mascot bear. I was wondering if anyone knew where he was or if we were still passing him around? Thanks


You may want to check with Dana, but I think she said she retired him.


What a shame! That sounds like such a neat idea. :frown:

Maybe I will take one of my niece’s “friends” with me when I go. I think she would find it amusing.
She will be 6 this April and she still talks on and on about her WDW trip in August '06! :wub: :wub: :wub:


He was retired :smile:


Yup! He’s spending his days golfing now instead of going to world.


It’s not easy shlepping a stuffed animal around with you.
My boys made me take one a few years ago on a Chicago trip and I had to take pictures all over the place. It was like a treasure hunt :laugh:
Got a bit annoying after a while - especially when strangers had to be involved :wacko:


That sounded like a cute thing. I wish we still had him.


AHH The life of retired bear… What I wouldnt give to be him right now. LOL Thanks everyone I didnt know…


Yes, Dear ol DC has been retired. He has traveled plenty. IF anyone wants to start up a new one, please do.
I do realize that I still owe you all pictures of the scrap book and DC in all his glory. I am not stalling or trying to get out of it…I have been on six day work week for awhile and to tell you the truth, I just haven’t felt like putting it together. As soon as things slow down for me at this new store, I’ll do it. Sorry for the delay.