McDonald's in DTD


I was going to post this in the “Other WDW” section but it seems as though there is very little activity in that forum, so I know the McDonald’s in DTD is gone and has been replaced, my question is why did they leave? Was the lease up or did Disney break ties with McDonald’s??

That McDonald’s was always busy and I know they cashed in, they were not cheap, for a McDonald’s.


This should give you the info you asked for.
McDonald’s at Downtown Disney is closing | from


Similarly to Kodak, the sponsorship ended. No more fry spots at Epcot, MK, and DHS. Can’t say that I (or my GI system) will miss Mickey D’s either!


I wondered where the Kodak photo spots had gone! And no, we wont miss McD’s either, although I am sure it will be missed.


Whoa!!! Kodak and McD’s left!!?!? Where have I been!?


You might see a kodak spot or 2 at MK. But Kodak had a strong presence at Epcot (until April when the sponsorship lease ended…I believe there was a thread re: Kodak. If I find it I will post link. Sorry not trying ti hijack.


And here you go:


While I won’t be devastated that McDonald’s is gone, it was nice to walk over from SSR for a late night snack or for breakfast.


You mean the Refreshment Ports are all gone ?!


McD’s in DTD is boarded up and will be converted to new restaurant. Epcot’s fry spot before Canada in World Showcase has snacks, but is no longer McD’s. DHS and MK (as of 2 weeks ago) did not have anything replacing that spot (just an empty trailer).


Ohhhhh :closedeye I kinda liked the fact that we could grab McD’s fries and nuggets in some parks :mellow:


I’m sure when we where on our Keys to the Kingdom tour the guide pointed a McD’s stand in Adventureland and told us it would still be serving ‘fries that taste like another well known brands fries’ i.e they will trade the same fare but not under the McD logo. Could just be that one stand though